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Influencer Has Unpleasant Encounter With Man In Isla Mujeres

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AriGameplays, a popular influencer with over 11.7 million followers on Instagram and 5.1 million on Twitch, was recently at the beaches of Isla Mujeres with her friends when she experienced an unpleasant encounter with a man. The event was caught on camera while she was broadcasting live with her fans. The footage was later uploaded to her YouTube channel.

girl at the beach. Image courtesy of:  AriGameplays Momentos
Image Courtesy Of: AriGameplays Momentos

In the video, a man who appears to be carrying a drink walks up to the content creator as she was chatting with her audience. The encounter started out friendly enough, with the man introducing himself as Hector to the camera. He then made himself comfortable right beside her off-camera as she continues the stream. The event gradually turned unpleasant when Ari, the content creator, began to appear noticeably uneasy.

isla mujeres sign

As she continues her recording, Hector frequently interrupts her with questions and comments, at which point Ari’s posture became visibly uncomfortable. She told the man to “go away.” But he responds with a “no,” then followed by a question, “Do you dislike me, Ari?” The influencer replies, trying to be polite but firm, that she doesn’t want him to misunderstand the situation — she is here with her friends and would prefer for him to leave.

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cancun beach tourists

This encounter resulted in Ari having to move away from him. And even though she mentioned that her friends were there with her, there is no footage of them coming to her aid. The video concluded with Ari informing her watchers that she remained as amicable as possible due to the fact that she is a public figure.

Watch the video below:

Courtesy Of: AriGameplays Momentos

Concerns About Incident At Gunpoint Earlier This Year On The Beaches Of Cancun

Just this summer, a group of 6 robbers showed up at Isla Blanca beach near Cancun on jet skis. They robbed many families – both locals and foreign tourists vacationing there. The armed culprits proceeded to threaten them with guns before taking their belongings by force.

cancun crowds

The government responded by taking the issue at hand seriously. To ensure the safety of tourists, the government took action by implementing a ‘Safe Beach’ initiative. The city’s new security protocol is to deter criminal organizations and other nefarious groups from targeting tourists. This past summer, over 4,000 law enforcement officers were on duty to keep visitors safe.

armed police on beach

And just last week, the president of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association is discussing plans to create a crisis committee in an effort to improve Cancun’s image. The campaign is twofold – it seeks to fix both environmental damages as well as the city’s safety reputation. By working with local authorities, they hope that this will ensure that future travelers aren’t discouraged by stories of violence or poor beach conditions.

Cancun has some of the best beaches in Mexico, with six of its beaches receiving a platinum certification. Isla Mujeres, in particular, had another great year and was dubbed one of the best beach destinations in Mexico.

isla mujeres aerial view

The currently trendy destination, Isla Mujeres, is much smaller than one might think- only 5 miles long and half a mile wide. Though small, it offers some of the best experiences in Quintana Roo. The food is divine, the Mayan ruins are plentiful, and the beaches rival any in Mexico. It’s just a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun.

What does this mean for tourists who want to travel?

Hotel zone view

Although some have been expressing concerns and crime rates in Mexico have gotten a lot of attention recently, Cancun is still considered safer than most other places in Mexico. This news might ease some people’s concerns who have upcoming trips planned to the very popular destination. As with any plans to travel, it’s always best to consult the U.S. travel advisory before any trip for updates.

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