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Despite Recent Worries, Cancun Is Safer Than Most Places In Mexico

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Despite recent worries from travelers and those in the travel industry alike, recently published information has shown that Cancun is safer than most other destinations in Mexico. The revelation comes amidst a worrying backdrop of high-profile crime incidents, including murder, theft, and drug dealing, and is likely to go some way towards easing the fears held by tourists with trips to the extremely popular destination planned in the near future.

Despite Recent Worries, Cancun is Safer Than Most Places In Mexico

Whilst travelers traveling to Cancun – or any destination, for that matter – should always make sure they are following the local laws and exercising increased caution when abroad, recent statistics show that Cancun isn’t the crime-ridden city that the media often makes out. Here’s a look at where Cancun stands in relation to crime levels in other Mexican destinations, which news stories are sure to have caught the eyes of travelers, and what steps those in charge in the region are taking to ensure crime doesn’t turn off travelers.

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Cancun Is Safe – What Travelers Should Know

There’s no denying that Cancun has had a difficult few weeks. While the city should be celebrating its phenomenal recent traveler arrival figures and impressive winter travel bookings, instead, a series of high-profile crime-related stories have dominated the headlines, including drug busts, attacks of foreign travelers, and several other types of violent crime. These have not only taken the shine off of its impressive tourism exploits but caused the travel industry honchos to worry. 

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In order to address concerns about security, the Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association is set to form a committee alongside local authorities to get to the bottom of the rise in crime in the city. According to the National Urban Public Security Survey (ENSU), 77.5% of the adult population of Cancun feels unsafe in the city and has the view that crime will continue to rise over the next 12 months. Thankfully though, that’s not an opinion held by everyone.

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The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, has different views on the current situation, stating that the security situation in Cancun “is not so lost” and revealing that compared to other states, Quintana Roo is one of the safest in the country. Speaking of the state, Hernández said that its figures were well below the national average in criminal incidence, adding that the state has only the 18th highest figures in the country – far below the biggest offenders. 

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The Secretary’s view is also one that is shared by that of the United States government. According to the State Department’s travel advisory updates, Quintana Roo has a Level 2 travel advisory, asking travelers to “exercise increased caution” in the state. This is the second-lowest warning level the department can offer, shared by 16 other Mexican states and bettered by only two. This means that in the eyes of the U.S. government, it’s one of the safest places to visit in the country. 

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Nevertheless, travelers will be pleased to know that Cancun and its state are taking crime very seriously and have already taken steps to address the situation and restore traveler confidence. Recent busts have seen drug dealers removed from the state, whilst the Navy and other forces have been deployed to some areas to help ensure that order remains on the beaches and that crime is kept as far away as possible from travelers. 

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Providing they remain in the tourist areas, travelers are usually well-insulated from crime in Cancun – but there are other tips they can follow to ensure they are kept safe. Avoiding unnecessary risks such as walking alone at night, keeping valuables out of sight, and drinking responsibly will all cut down on crime, whilst pre-booking trips, using taxi-booking apps, and not exchanging money at the airport will go some way towards being taken advantage of.

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