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Isla Mujeres To Receive Facelift To Attract More Tourists 

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Isla Mujeres is an island that sits about eight miles off of the coast of Cancun, and although it is already a breathtaking paradise, it is about to receive a facelift so it can begin attracting even more visitors.  The island and its community are quite a bit different from what you’ll find in Cancun, more peaceful but still with plenty to do.  While you won’t find the vibrant nightlife in Isla Mujeres as you would in Cancun, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from.   

The main draw in this unique and beautiful Mexican Caribbean destination, though, is the island itself.  Isla Mujeres is well-known for its crystal clear turquoise waters that surround its breathtaking sparkling white sand beaches.  And beneath the glass-like sea is a world all its own that is well worth exploring during a trip to the island.   

Isla Mujeres has been given the coveted distinction of being a Pueblo Magico, or Magical Village, also referred to as Magic Town or Magical Town.  These are cities and towns in Mexico that have been deemed by the Mexican government as having special, or “magical,” qualities.  Those qualities might be having a rich history, being exceptionally beautiful, having an interesting story or legend about the area, or simply being a small, lesser-known town that has something unique to offer.   

When it comes to Isla Mujeres, the island received this status in 2015 because of its charm and beauty.  At just five miles long and around half of a mile wide, it is one of the smaller Magical Towns in Mexico but with as much to offer as some of the larger ones.  In addition to enjoying the beaches, many visitors go snorkeling to see the underwater reefs, explore the ancient Mayan ruins on the island, visit the underwater sculpture museum, take a tour of the sea turtle sanctuary, or climb the cliffs at Garrafon Park to watch the sunrise. 

The village of Isla Mujeres is full of charm, with small colorful establishments that include shops, and restaurants alongside homes.  This is where the Federal Ministry of Tourism beautification project will be focused.  The plan is to improve the look of many of the buildings throughout the island by applying an “extreme makeover.” 

Colorful Isla Mujeres house

The project, which is similar to the one that was recently completed in the Magical Town of Bacalar, revolves around painting the faces of multiple buildings.  Both homes and businesses will receive this special treatment in order to make the town more colorful and welcoming.  A total of 140 buildings and homes will be painted and 20 unique murals will also be added throughout the island as well. 

The project, which is part of the “Mexico of Colors” program, is designed to rescue the identity, both social and cultural, of various Magic Towns.  So far 11 of these projects have already been completed this year.  Now, with the program continuing in Isla Mujeres, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, pointed out that this project “will help give another life to the destination.” 

isla mujeres underwater museum

To get to Isla Mujeres visitors will have to take a ferry ride from Cancun.  The trip takes about 20 minutes and comes with spectacular views of the island, Cancun, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  Whether you plan a short visit while vacationing in Cancun or choose to make Isla Mujeres your main destination, it is an island worth seeing and it is soon to be even more beautiful and charming. 

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Terry Etter

Monday 29th of August 2022

Is money also being allocated to bring the water, electric and sewage treatent on the island up to standard? Those thngs would seem to be a lot more important and necessary than paint. Why try to attract more tourists until the current pressing problems are solved? I love Isla and I've been visiting yearly since 1982 but I do not understand why the big problems continue to be ignored. Makes me sad and if I lived there, it would probably make me mad.