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Legendary Local Pyramid House Is Demolished In Cancun For Bridge To The Airport

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A historical bridge in Cancun has just been demolished. According to local beliefs, the pyramid was built to protect the construction of the famous Cancun-Nizec Airport Bridge, which is the first contact that many people have with Cancun.

The government demolished the pyramid, an essential part of the bridge’s construction back in the 90s. No formal reason has been stated for its removal besides some new constructions in the area, but a structure meant to religiously protect the bridge is not there anymore.

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The bridge’s construction started in 1990. In the beginning, several incidents delayed everything and pushed costs up, raising questions on whether it was regular unforeseen happenings or maybe the local gods were not that happy with a large concrete construction happening out of the blue.

According to popular discussions amongst the construction workers, locals, and even authorities, it could be that the gods of Aluxes were angry with the construction and responsible for all the problems regarding the building, such as the bridge’s structure collapsing, damaged machinery, and some other unexplainable occurrences.

The local government started to wonder how to solve the situation. Finally, it figured out that maybe the solution to everything was a brief consultation with the gods and asking for their authorization to proceed with the construction.

That may sound as something exquisite, quirky, and exotic for many of the westernized world, but that’s a thousand years old traditions in the land where some of the oldest civilizations were found, with a very complex and advanced social system. So that’s exactly what happened, and that’s how this pyramid was built. 

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The pyramid is called Casa de Los Aluxes, built just under the bridge. It became a tourist attraction for those interested in local and antique tourism. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most unique places for history exploration, as the Maya civilizations lived in the lands for many and many centuries and to this day. Many remains are spread all over the peninsula, and millions visit it yearly.

yucatan's Chichen Itza

The Aluxes are considered “gods of the land” in the tradition. Despite initial thoughts about vandalism and even demons and goblins, the Aluxes, “gods of the land and the forest,” were sabotaging everything. So an X-men, or Maya Priest, was called to ask permission to proceed with the construction. 

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The pyramid was constructed, and permission was asked from all the gods. After all this unanticipated trouble, the construction carried on smoothly and the bridge is now the gateway in and out of Cancun for millions of tourists daily. In fact, the Cancun airport is now the 9th busiest in the world. Cancun itself is one of the worldwide hotspots for tourism, with a tremendous recovery rate after the post-pandemic travel boom.

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The bridge and the pyramid sealed a pact with the Maya gods to protect it and be a peace broker between the land, the people, and the construction. It worked out very well, the bridge is stable, and all of them match.

Removing the pyramid may seem like a bold action, as it is not recommended to challenge any millenary tradition and religious belief. But it has been there for such a long time that the pact is already strictly sealed. The construction went smooth after that, and peace was found. But it may be challenging to carry on with new renovation, as new structures are taking place around the airport to better fit the flock of tourists coming from the airport. Maybe the Maya gods will rebel again, or perhaps the peace is sealed between everyone. We’ll see that in the future and always hope for the best for either one.

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