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Playa Del Carmen Has The Most Vegan Restaurants In Latin America

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When it comes to vegan options at local restaurants and full on vegan establishments, Playa del Carmen has always been ahead of the curve. According to the app Happy Cow, which tracks the number of vegan food options in different parts of the world, Playa del Carmen offers 102 vegan options to choose from. This puts the beach city as the city in Latin America with the highest concentration of vegan options. A remarkable feat when you take into account how small Playa del Carmen is compared to other cities in the region.  

Vegan Restaurant Sign

These 102 options are divided amongst restaurants, street food locations, as well as health stores, and even catering services. Some offer a special vegan menu along with other non vegan options, while others are completely vegan establishments.

Vegan Supermarket

It’s Not Just Local Restaurants That Have Taken To Offering Vegan Options 

According to activist Jessica Gonzalez it’s not just local restaurants that are going vegan. New options being offered by local supermarkets, makes it clear that vegan options are in higher demand with locals and tourists in the region. This “openness” to veganism has made Playa del Carmen a desirable spot to visit for organizations that are looking to promote the vegan lifestyle. Organizations like the popular Million Dollar Vegan have organized multiple events in the popular tourist city.

Vegan Food

Many of these events consist of vegan supporters standing in popular street corners handing out vegan food for people passing by. The organization has handed out 10,930 meals for people in the poorest conditions in and around Playa del Carmen. Locals and tourists of any social standard are also encouraged to try the food provided by these organizations at their multiple events. 

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Local Organizations Are Also Breaking Barriers With Veganism     

Activist Jessica Gonzalez, runs an organization called Casa Animal. This is an organization that is dedicated to promote a vegan lifestyle throughout the region. According to Gonzalez the organization has also helped almost 500 people through its social programs. Many of which provide vegan food to people in need in this part of Quintana Roo. Gonzalez is optimistic that the vegan trend will continue to grow in Playa del Carmen.

Vegan Burger and Drink

“It’s very rewarding to see that everyday more people are opening the door to veganism, with less of a stigma, this shows clear progress. There’s still a lot of work to do, but as a community we have the certainty that veganism is justice for animals, people and the planet. If we want a future this is a path that truly helps us keep moving forward.” 

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Finding Vegan Spots In Playa del Carmen  

The website and app Happy Cow is arguably still the best way to be able to find Vegan spots in Playa del Carmen. It offers a classification method for restaurants, and other spots to buy food. Type in the location that you’re going to visit. From there you’ll get a list of the top vegan locations in the area. 


These are going to be classified as, restaurants with vegan options, full vegan spot, health store with vegan options, catering, and food trucks. It really gives users a clear perspective of what each spot is and what it has to offer. The site also features an interactive map directly showing the location of each spot on the list. When you look for a spot in Playa del Carmen you’ll find that there’s truly a ton of options to choose from. Looking for vegan options virtually anywhere in the world? This is arguably the best place to start.

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