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See 2 Countries On Your Next Cancun Trip As This Transport Service Finally Resumes

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If you’re planning a summer vacation or heading to Cancun in the future and want to tick another country off your bucket list perhaps, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Belize city

Have you ever wanted to visit another country during your stay in Mexico? Maybe you’re thinking of other options whilst you’re there? Well, this could be your answer…

You can now travel to Belize, via bus, directly from beautiful Cancun — how exciting!

Similar to Mexico, its southern neighbor Belize also offers an interesting blend of history and culture and has so much in terms of Mayan history and Afro-Caribbean heritage that makes it one of the most culturally diverse countries in Central America.

There’s no doubt that the last couple of years has had a serious impact on the travel industry. Many people ended up having to put their travel plans on hold.

More recently, tourism has been booming again, and transport companies are getting back in business – and ADO’s bus service from Mexico to Belize is one of them!

ado bus in mexico

The ADO bus from Cancun to Belize is a stunning trip that serves coastal views and dense tropical forest moments as it crosses several regions in both countries.

Not only this, but Fuente Del Norte will be re-instating its services from Belize City to Flores and Guatemala City as well, starting on April 21, 2023. So if you want to make your way to Guatemala, you are more connected than ever.

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Belize city harbour

Are There More Details About The New Bus Route?

It comes with the exciting news that from May 1, 2023, ADO buses will be re-instating their service from Cancun to Belize City, meaning travelers can now travel direct from Cancun to the beautiful country of Belize via bus, saving all the hassle of flying, and on a budget too!

This is incredible news for travelers who want to explore the beautiful destinations of Cancun, and also Belize City, and beyond.

Whilst there are no current times or price updates available yet, it’s apparent that the previous ADO Cancun-Belize journey took around seven hours in total, with numerous stop-off points along the way.

Tip: Make sure to take your passport with you as you will be going through a border crossing.

inside Mexican bus station

The Previous Route From Cancun – Belize

The route previously offered an overnight bus if you just wanted to get straight to your destination and catch up on some sleep, then this one left Cancun around 10:15 pm and arrived in Belize around 6:30 the next morning.

If you wanted to sight-see on the go, there was a day trip option. The bus left the Cancun terminal around 7:30 am and arrived at the Belize bus station around 3:30 pm – however, these times are all subject to change, but this is what could be returning.

Naturally, you could also complete the same journeys on its return.

Cancun hotels

Despite prices fluctuating, prices were roughly around $40 USD for a one-way trip, or MXN 870, with tickets being available online, on the app, or at the station.

The original route went from Cancun via the airport, through Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Bacalar, and Chetumal, before crossing the border into Corozal, Orange Walk, and eventually into Belize City.

Fingers crossed there will be stop-off points on this upcoming route where you can see even more of the beautiful countries of Mexico and Belize.

travelers on a beach in tulum

If the destinations on the route are to return, it’s said that you can’t use the same ticket if you are getting off and on the bus, you would have to buy your ticket from where you get back on the bus again, however, do check this before you travel.

Who Are ADO?

ADO is one of the largest Mexican bus companies, running first-class and executive-class buses as well, and they generally serve roughly the eastern half of the country, serving most towns and cities in various regions.

The company is known for its comfy buses, fantastic service, and affordable prices, not to mention they have a constant stream of buses going all around the Eastern part of Mexico, and all generally operate very punctually.

The buses also provide tv screens, an onboard restroom, comfortable seating, with modern design and air conditioning – so it’s recommended to wear something warm on the buses as they can get quite chilly!

ADO bus

They have made sure to place some health and safety measures to ensure traveler’s safety by installing hand sanitizers in all its buses and station – plus their buses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each trip.

Currently, the only route from Cancun to Belize City is a very long one. You have to get a bus to Chetumal, and then cross the border to Corozal in Belize, to then get the bus to Belize City.

Travel is back, better than ever, and this news is extremely inspiring for travelers. So get packing your bags and get ready to explore Cancun, Belize, and all this route has to offer.

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