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Should Travelers Worry? 3 Issues Cancun Tourists Are Dealing With At The Airport 

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Nobody wants to deal with any issues when arriving at an airport as busy as Cancun International, whether for the start of a vacation or to depart for the return home.   

Worrying that everything goes off without a hitch is by far the biggest stress that comes with traveling.   

There are three issues that Cancun tourists are currently dealing with at the airport, but should you be worried about them affecting your vacation?   

Let’s look at what they are and how you can keep them from affecting you when arriving at Cancun Airport.   

Empty Baggage Claim Area at Cancun Airport

Luggage Retrieval Times 

One of the things that Cancun tourists have been complaining about upon arriving at the destination’s busy airport is how long it takes to retrieve their luggage.   

Some travelers have reported having to wait as much as an hour and have shared their experiences on social media.   

This is not the most ideal way to start a vacation. 

Tourists Walking Down a Hallway to Get to Baggage Claim at Cancun Airport

How To Avoid Waiting For Your Luggage 

There’s only so much you can do about having to wait for your luggage if you have checked bags.   

Depending on the length of your vacation, though, you may be able to skip the checked bags.   

If you just bring carry-ons, you’ll have your bags with you when you land and can walk right past the luggage carousel and get on with your vacation. 

Tourist Walking Through Airport with Carry On Bag

Getting Through Customs  

Everybody has to go through customs upon arriving at Cancun Airport, and some travelers have reported being treated badly by customs agents.   

For most travelers however, you may find that you never even interact with a customs agent and instead use the airports newer Autogates to gain entry into the country.

Automated checks

Pirate Transportation Carriers 

Another ongoing problem that travelers deal with at Cancun Airport, an issue that officials have been trying to address for a long time, is pirate transportation carriers.   

Specifically, pirate taxis are a major problem because they look like real taxis but are not licensed to be taxi drivers.   

They wait outside of the airport and offer rides to unsuspecting travelers arriving at the airport.   

Tourists Waiting for a Taxi at Cancun Airport

Best Way To Book Your Ground Transportation  

Taking a pirate taxi puts you at risk of being overcharged, not being covered if your driver gets in an accident, or worse.   

That’s why the best way to get from Cancun Airport to your hotel is by booking your transportation in advance.   

You’ll know the cost upfront and you can have your verified driver waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. 

Transportation Drivers at Cancun Airport Holding Signs with Passenger Names

Other Cancun Airport Arrival Tips 

Avoiding these three problems is the best way to get your Cancun vacation started off on the right foot.   

There are a couple more things you’ll want to avoid at the airport, though.   

One is exchanging your money, because the exchange rate isn’t as good as what you’ll find in town.   

The other is the shark tank that you’ll pass by on your way out of the airport.   

This is an area where timeshare salespeople offer you perks to attend presentations.   

The problem is that the time you’ll spend at these presentations is really not worth it, and not the way that you want to start your Cancun vacation.

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Mexico traveler

Saturday 15th of June 2024

You dont know what you are talking about. The problem is not pirate taxis. The problem is the extortion type charges the registered taxis charge. Thank god for pirate taxis that give people a regular fare that you would expect to pay in Mexico. 75 dollars for a 10 minute taxi ride is absurd. How can that be the approved fare?

Doug Lindhout

Saturday 15th of June 2024

Customs at Cancun has been completely updated. You now self declare. If you have nothing to declare you walk on through. There is an outside chance you will be approached by an agent for a discussion. If you know you have items to declare, you slide off to the side for a conversation and perhaps an inspection.


Saturday 15th of June 2024

There is no more RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT at the Cancun airport.

Fred Munguia

Saturday 15th of June 2024

Stay away from any Presentations PERIOD, DO NOT USE A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD.