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Pirate Taxis Still A Problem At Cancun Airport, Here’s What Travelers Need To Know 

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Many travelers who fly into Cancun Airport opt for taking a taxi to get to their hotel because it seems like an easy option.   

But taking a taxi in Cancun isn’t the only way to get around and may not even be the best form of transportation.   

One reason for this is fake or pirate taxis, and despite efforts to get rid of them, pirate taxis are still a problem at Cancun Airport, so there are a few things travelers need to know.   

Rundown Cancun Taxi Driving Down the Street

What Are Pirate Taxis? 

Pirate taxis are taxis that aren’t really taxis at all but rather individuals who pose as legitimate taxi drivers and attempt to pick up unsuspecting passengers at the airport.   

These pirate taxis do not go through the normal process of regulation, illegally operating at the airport.   

This means that there is no oversight regarding pricing or the whereabouts of the drivers.   

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Pirate Taxis At Cancun Airport 

According to tourism officials, the number of pirate taxis at Cancun Airport is growing, which is causing them concern.   

They’re worried about guaranteeing the safety of tourists while visiting the popular vacation destination, as well as maintaining a positive image in the eyes of tourists.   

For this reason, officials are requesting help from the National Guard to address the situation.   

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The Dangers Of Taking A Pirate Taxi 

The biggest danger associated with taking a pirate or fake taxi in Cancun is getting overcharged.   

Cancun taxi drivers in general are known for overcharging because meters are not always used in Cancun, so it makes it easy for pirate taxis to overcharge too.   

But the even bigger danger is getting into a pirate taxi with a driver who has more malicious motives, like robbing you or worse, which is rare but the possibility does exist.   

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How To Avoid Pirate Taxis 

There are certain ways to be able to tell a real Cancun taxi from a pirate taxi.    

One thing travelers can do to try to avoid fake taxis, although they are getting very good at making their vehicles look official, is to look for the registration number.   

The driver should also have a valid ID card, which should have a QR code on it.   

Another way to avoid pirate taxis is to only catch one at a designated pickup location at the airport or a taxi stand.   

Taxi Vehicles Sitting in the Taxi Waiting Area in Cancun Hotel Zone.

Other Airport Transfer Options 

The best way to avoid pirate taxis is to avoid taxis altogether by choosing a different form of transportation to get from the airport to your Cancun hotel.   

Uber now legally operates in Cancun, although the ongoing battle between taxi and Uber drivers might not make Uber the most attractive choice.   

But you also have the option of using private transportation. 

Cars, Taxis, and Shuttles Outside of Cancun International Airport

Why Private Airport Transfers Are Your Best Option 

There are four great reasons to choose private transportation to and from the airport over any other type of transportation.   

  1. Safety – If you book through a legitimate company online you know you’re getting a real transport service.  
  1. Comfortability – Typically in private transfers, which are often shuttles or SUVs, you have more room.  
  1. Advance Booking – With private transportation, you can book in advance and have your driver waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. 
  1. Price Transparency – Along with the benefit of having your driver waiting when you arrive, advance booking also allows you to know exactly what you’re paying for your transportation ahead of time.  
Taxi van taking tourists to the beach

What You’ll Pay For Private Transportation In Cancun 

Prices for private transportation vary from one company to the next.   

Typically, though, you can expect to pay around $30 each way for a private shuttle and at least $70 each way for a private SUV for up to four passengers.   

This may seem a bit pricey, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid getting into a pirate taxi.

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