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This Stunning Beach Near Cancun Is Among The World’s Best According To Tripadvisor

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There are dozens of gorgeous beaches in Cancun and the Riviera Maya region, all characterized by their fine, white grain sand and sparkling waters.

However, each of them offers a different experience, from the lively Cancun Hotel Zone’s beaches to the idyllic beauty of hidden gems like Mahahual and Akumal.

Aerial view of beautiful Playa Norte beach in Isla Mujeres

Still, among these paradisiacal coastlines, some of them stand out as favorites thanks to their exceptional natural beauty and tourist attractions, and perhaps there’s no better example than Playa Norte Beach in Isla Mujeres.

This spectacular beach has made it to TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice ‘Best of the Best’ list of the best beaches worldwide multiple times, and this year is no different.

Every year, TripAdvisor releases its list of the 25 top ‘Best Beaches in the World,’ based on user reviews over a 12-month period, and every year, Playa Norte finds its place in the list.

Playa Norte claimed the 24th place this time, with only another Mexican beach, La Balandra Beach in La Paz, making it to the list at a noteworthy 12th spot.

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It all becomes even more impressive when you consider that fewer than 1% of TripAdvisor’s whopping 8 million listings achieve this milestone.

Given the multitude of gorgeous beaches in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, what makes Playa Norte a traveler’s favorite time and time again?

Let’s find out.

Why Travelers Can’t Get Enough Of Playa Norte 

To understand Playa Norte’s remarkable popularity, let’s start by looking at its incredibly privileged location – the stunning Isla Mujeres island.

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One of the trendiest Mexican Caribbean hotspots right now, Isla Mujeres is easily accessible from Cancun by ferry, with the ride taking about 20 minutes. 

This makes it a perfect day trip destination for Cancun tourists, though the island has also evolved into a vibrant resort hub, currently home to an array of luxury all-inclusives.

You’ll find Playa Norte on the northern tip of the small island, and it’s quite easy to get there as it’s near the ferry dock.

Once you get there, you’ll get a good idea of why it captivates travelers so much – over 800 meters of shallow, crystal-clear waters, ideal for a refreshing swim, and expansive white sands.

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Not only are these shores perfect for a day of ultimate relaxation in the sun, but with numerous beachside restaurants, bars, authentic tequila lounges, and beach clubs available – you won’t want to leave.

Which is a good thing, as sunsets at Playa Norte are known for being nothing short of breathtaking.

A Certified Paradise

Isla Mujeres takes its beaches seriously, and it shows. The island’s municipality goes above and beyond to maintain its pristine condition, which has earned three of them, one of them being Playa Norte, the prestigious Blue Flag certification.

This certification recognizes excellence in beach management and sustainable tourism is only given to beaches that meet strict cleanliness and safety standards.

Playa Norte beach on Isla Mujeres island near Cancun in Mexico.

For a firsthand account, just take a look at TripAdvisor reviews for Playa Norte. You’ll find visitors consistently praising its cleanliness, natural beauty, and well-kept surroundings.

The Best Time To Visit Playa Norte

Isla Mujeres’ popularity has been rising by the year, which naturally has led to more crowds at popular beaches like Playa Norte.

Nevertheless, the number of beachgoers you’ll find here greatly depends on the season, as the high season, which for Cancun typically lasts from December to mid-April, typically brings the most visitors.

Boats anchored on Playa del Norte on Isla Mujeres.

Fortunately, outside the peak of the high season, Playa Norte and the other beaches in Isla Mujeres remain idyllic, offering a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the busy mainland beaches. 

Right now Playa Norte is at its finest, in part due to strong winter winds helping restore much of the sand recently lost due to erosion.

It’s also one of the few beaches that remain pristine during sargassum season, thanks to its location and extensive beach cleaning efforts by the municipality.

Moreover, the Mexican Caribbean boasts a year-round warm, tropical climate, making a beach day at Playa Norte enjoyable regardless of when you visit.

Playa Norte

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