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Three Playa del Carmen Nightclubs Closed After Drug Raids

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Around 190 Doses Of Narcotics Were Discovered In The Three Nightclubs

Three Playa del Carmen bars have been closed after a police raid discovered almost two hundred doses of various drugs. Conflicting reports have named the clubs involved, but further information is necessary to determine the facts.

downtown playa del carmen

According to multiple sources, two establishments were raided on Saturday as part of the Coordination Group for the Construction of Peace in Quintana Roo which has been actively trying to combat the illegal drug trade in the region. One bar is reportedly located on the popular fifth avenue, while the club is located further away. The articles have not named either of the supposed bars. 

la vaquita club

Conflicting reports have mentioned a third establishment, along with the names of all three of the businesses involved. The reports, in this case, suggest that the popular nightclub Mandala was one of the three, with Abolengo and La Vaquita also closed as part of the operation. 

There is the possibility, although unlikely, that both reports are correct and that five establishments were potentially closed.

mandala club

The raid took place around midnight and appeared to be part of a larger operation that would catch offending parties off-guard. The police, working with the national guard and navy, successfully located the drugs using the local canine unit and discovered large quantities of narcotics.

Among the drug haul, police found marijuana, hashish, cocaine, LSD, crystal meth, and an assortment of other unidentified pills, all packaged and ready for distribution, presumably in the club itself. No arrests have currently been reported.

downtown cancun area

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the operation, the weekend’s events highlight a continuing drug problem being faced by Quintana Roo. The locations of the clubs in question are all in the popular bar and club district frequented by tourists to the region. Tourists continue to fuel the drug culture of Quintana Roo, and there is little doubt that the drugs being packaged in the businesses were most likely intended for the visitors.

police truck in cancun

There have been multiple drug arrests in the past week in Tulum and Cancun, some with a massive amount of narcotics found in the possession of the offenders as well as weapons. Despite the efforts of the government to dissuade visitors from seeking illegal substances, the market appears to be strong, fueling long-term issues for the state.

Tulum in particular has faced strong criticism in recent months and has drawn comparisons to Acapulco. The city once was an extremely popular destination, but uncontrolled growth and a devastating drug culture transformed the area into one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

police station in cancun

Quintana Roo’s homicide rate is already startlingly high, with the vast majority of those deaths attributed to the drug trade and the violent turf wars that stemmed from it. With Quintana Roo’s surging popularity, its value as a drug market has soared, making it a prime location for drug gangs to take up shop. With multiple gangs all vying for power, the city is left to deal with the violence.

Just three weeks ago, several bars in downtown Cancun were attacked in an organized assault that saw armed assailants murder multiple innocent people at point-blank range. Several other high-profile incidents have seen tourists caught in the crossfire including the tragic death of two visitors in Tulum last year.

inside of night club

Tourists intending to visit Quintana Roo should make themselves aware of the drug laws in Mexico and understand that the consequences are severe for those caught with any illegal substances. Years in jail await those who are caught with high-level substances, and visitors should avoid seeking them out in any capacity. 

Taking part in the drug culture sweeping the state causes far more damage than can be seen at the moment, and the best way to tackle the broader problem of gang violence is to cap the source of the region’s value. 

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