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Isla Mujeres Occupancy Records Prompt Hotel Rate Hike Concerns

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Its New Growth May Not Please Tourists In The Long Run

Isla Mujeres is seeing a dramatic increase in popularity as monthly arrivals to the island hit around 200 thousand. The idyllic island is set to see an increase in investment over the coming years.

isla mujeres sunset from above

According to the director of economic development and tourism of Isla Mujeres Jose Castillo Magana, occupancy rates have been sitting at around ninety percent for the past month, highlighting a hugely successful performance in what is typically a quieter period for the region.

Isla Mujeres has drawn significant attention in recent months. It’s always been a popular spot for those visiting the Mexican Caribbean, but it’s now picking up steam as a destination in its own right. A recent travel and tourism convention in Mexico saw the island receive a lot of attention, as well as a revamped promotional campaign drawing visitors to its beaches. The convention voted the island as the best beach destination in Mexico, beating out tough competition from across the country.

golf carts outside beach bar isla mujeres

It was also recently featured in travel giant TripAdvisor’s recent lost of the best beaches in the world. Isla Mujeres’ Playa Norte was named as the nineteenth best on the planet and the best in Mexico, drawing further interest to the island.

But what does the increased popularity of the island mean for visitors? Isla Mujeres is famed for its relaxed atmosphere and quiet compared to the busyness of Cancun. But the addition of thousands of new rooms over the coming year may herald a packed island, different from what visitors have come to expect.

pristine beach on isla mujeres

The island has already gained 12 thousand rooms and is expected to add three thousand before the end of the year. Some of the largest hotel chains in the world are opening new resorts on Isla Mujeres and, assuming there is space, it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon. ALM group will have their brand new secret resorts open on the island within the year.

With so many rooms being added, it may be a hope that room rates will remain stable, but unfortunately, this year’s unique situation makes rate predictions complicated. Demand is higher than it has been in years as the world embraces revenge travel. With demand so high and rooms approaching capacity, tourists can anticipate higher than normal rates.

sunny day on isla mujeres

Profits have been cut across the state as the region battles the sargassum problems and the last of necessary Covid regulations, and these will most likely be passed onto the guests in hotels and restaurants.

As the world relaxes its rules and travel normalizes destinations like Isla Mujeres’ prices will become more clear. A rate hike is likely as it grows in popularity, much like Tulum and Cancun which have both seen substantial rate increases.

isla mujeres underwater museum

More importantly, it’s hoped that the island’s growth will be controlled in a way that protects the natural beauty that made it so attractive, to begin with. Added tourists often mean added trash, corners being cut, and gradual deterioration of many aspects of a landscape. Playa Norte will draw thousands of visitors to its shores, and work must be done to ensure it remains as pristine as possible.

ferry to isla mujeres

Those building the new hotels being built must ensure they are doing so in a responsible manner, avoiding the reputation that Tulum is garnering. Using the experience gained from Tulum, Isla Mujeres has the potential to grow into a world-class destination to add to the Mexican Caribbean without the negative consequences associated with it.

isla mujeres busy street

Those traveling to Isla Mujeres in the near future should anticipate larger crowds, even during the typically quieter June month, and book well ahead to guarantee the best rates.

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Thursday 9th of June 2022

INCORRECT STATEMENT: "The island has already gained 12 thousand rooms and is expected to gain three thousand before the end of the year". CORRECT STATEMENT: "The MUNICIPALITY of Isla Mujeres has a total of nearly 12,000 hotel rooms, mostly on the mainland. The MUNICIPALITY is anticipating 3000 new rooms, mostly on the mainland." The island only has a couple thousand hotel rooms! (Nov 2019 there were 1883 in 66 hotels.) Please check your facts. You're misquoting recent statements by José Castillo Magaña, Director of Economic Development & Tourism in Isla Mujeres. He mentioned Secrets will add 125 suites on the island and two new hotels will add 1100 on the mainland by the end of the year (and that the municipality hopes for a total of 3000 more by 2023). Also, he said the island's occupancy rate has been 85%, it's the mainland that's been 90%.


Thursday 9th of June 2022

Be careful at any Mexico resorts. Not safe in Mexico. The locks are not secured on their doors. Servants just walk in your room at 10pm to deliver a fruit basket while I am sleeping! Shut the door when I yelled out, “who is in my room.” Just not impressed with Elegance Majestic Muerjes in Cancun Mexico. The drinks are watered down. They remove all content of liquor everywhere every night. If you can’t trust me, you don’t need my money.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022

This is why I am leaving...


Wednesday 8th of June 2022

@Cassie, understandably, where’s next for you?