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Top 5 Things To Do In The Magic Town Of Bacalar In 2023

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Bacalar, Mexico is a location rich in history and culture that should most definitely be on your 2023 travel list. Pueblo Magico, Bacalar’s nickname, holds many hidden gems just waiting to be explored by you! Bacalar is located towards the south of Quintana Roo, close to one of the most mesmerizing lagoons. It’s ideal for those seeking an intimate destination highlighting crystal Caribbean waters against a peaceful backdrop. Once you taste what Bacalar has to offer, you’ll never want to leave!

Here is a round-up of the top adventures that you must try when you visit the budding tourist hotspot that is Bacalar.

2 tourists on Kayaking boats along Los rapidos de Bacalar cenote in Mexico on clear blue water on sunny day

1. Lake of Seven Colors and its Cenotes

Also called the Laguna de los Siete Colores, the lake is a long and narrow body of freshwater. It is known to glitter in seven shades of blue under the sun against a white lake bottom. But this is not the only reason why it is an extraordinary destination. 

The lagoon is adorned by several cenotes, or sinkholes, each with its own history and mystical depths. It has intricate karst limestone topography sought by the most adventurous of travelers. The changing underwater landscape beneath the sinkholes refracts the sunlight and illuminates different shades of blue, hence its name. 

Aerial view of a Couple in Bacalar pier, Riviera Maya, Mexico on clear blue waters by tiki huts and palm trees on sunny day

One of the lagoon’s sinkholes is Cenote de la Bruja, or Witch Cenote. It’s said to be a place where witches and shamans would perform rituals. furthermore, the bottom of this 90-meter-deep cenote is an indigo hue, making it appear quite mysterious. Another one worth visiting is Cenote for its seclusion Azul—a freshwater fish sanctuary within the lagoon that gets heavy bird traffic from Parrots and red macaws.

The Lake of Seven Colors is one of the best tourist destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula. It features kayaking, boat riding, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The lagoon even has stromatolites, which are reefs formed by bacteria. They serve as evidence for the first life forms on Earth.

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aerial view Cenotes 7 color lagoon deep blue waters in bacalar mexico on a sunny day surrounded by trees

2. Kohunlich Ruins

This place is an absolutely stunning archeological site located just under an hour from Bacalar. The Mayan City of Bacalar is hidden deep within the jungle. This city has a number of archaeological structures, including a pyramid and 8-foot-tall masks carved from stone which were dedicated to the sun god by the Mayans. You can also hear or see wild birds and monkeys through the thick canopy of trees in this jungle setting.

A guided tour of the Kohunlich Ruins is recommended to free yourself from the nuisance of arranging transportation to the ruins. 

tourist location of ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Kohunlich in bacalar mexico on a sunny day surrounded by beautiful trees

3. Fort of San Felipe and Piracy Museum

After you swim in the lagoon, be sure to tour Bacalar to refresh yourself. Fort San Felipe was established in 1733 during Spanish rule as a measure to stop pirates from raiding Bacalar. Consequently, this fort holds great historical significance because it served as an important hub for commercial trade in southern Mexico. The fort’s walls are tall and made of limestone and wood; additionally, there is a deep moat surrounding the structure.

Today, you can find a rusty cannon in the four corners of the for. Also, in an old courtyard, there is a watchtower where tourists can take great photos of Bacalar Lake and all of the fort’s interior. Lastly, within the compound walls, there is a Pirate Museum with two galleries and a mural hall that tells pre-Hispanic history.

old cannon at San Felipe fort with blue water and palm trees  in Bacalar Quintana Roo of Mexico

4. Zipline over jungle paradise

For lovers of adventure and exploration, the Zipline “Kan Kin” in Bacalar is a must-see. This place is located 12.5 kilometers north of town on Federal Highway 307. The 1500-meter circuit consists of five zip lines that go through the jungle and climb towers at a height among the particular vegetation of this area. You will be able to enjoy the seven different colors of the Bacalar lagoon from the zip line and explore trails for cross-country biking. 

This fascinating experience costs only 750 Mexican pesos, which is around 39 USD.

woman on vacation zip line over jungle on sunny day overlooking green trees

5. Indulge in Mexican Food

Mouthwatering Mexican food is something you can’t miss while in Bacalar. From flavorful tacos to delicious chilaquiles and sopitos, there are plenty of amazing dishes to savor. Seafood lovers will be delighted by the fresh fish and seafood available at numerous restaurants along the waterfront. The most popular dish in Bacalar is the “Panucho”, which is a fried tortilla stuffed with beans and topped off with your choice of protein. It’s a must-try! Margaritas are also a must-try and can be found in most restaurants, along with other classic Mexican drinks. 

Whether you’re looking for casual dining or a romantic dinner by the lake, Bacalar has something to offer everyone. 

night view of colorful bacalar sign in a park behind a centerpiece

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