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Tulum Hotels And Police Add More Security Cameras To Increase Tourist Safety

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Whether you’re going on a trip down the street, jetting off around the world, or somewhere in between, safety is extremely important to all of us and something we never take for granted. 

When it comes to traveling to Mexico, traveler safety and security have been under the spotlight in recent weeks, following several high-profile incidences such as gang-related murders and kidnapping, drug offenses, and the continuing issue of taxi drivers clashing with Uber users. 

Tulum Hotels And Police Add More Security Cameras To Increase Tourist Safety

Thankfully, one popular area in the Mexican Caribbean has taken steps toward keeping all travelers safer. 

Tulum, the once-sleepy seaside resort town south of Cancun that has now emerged as a world-leading destination in its own right, has seen more security cameras installed on the behalf of the hotels and police.

tulum lights sign

With more eyes on the lookout for nefarious behavior, it’s hoped that crime in the area will fall and travelers will feel safer than ever.

Here’s everything travelers need to know about this development, plus a look at other measures taken in the region to keep tourists safer from crime:

Tulum Adds More Cameras – Information For Travelers 

While most consider Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean to be one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexican, the amount of negative press that the region has received in recent weeks has naturally had some travelers on edge. 

The situation reached a new low earlier in the month, as Texas issued its own travel warning advising travelers against the idea of visiting during Spring Break and beyond. Thankfully, however, destinations in the region are taking action to make it safer than ever for travelers.

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travelers on a beach in tulum

Tulum is one of the destinations that’s committed to tackling crime head-on. It has emerged that hotels throughout the town have been installing extra security cameras throughout their properties, keen to not only deter crime from happening but also to raise the sense of safety among their guests. 

In addition, hotels in Tulum are also beefing up their internal security forces, showing just how seriously they are taking the issue of security. 

beachline in tulum with resorts and rainforest

It’s a win-win situation for the hotel industry of Tulum.

Not only will travelers feel much safer on their vacation, but the implementation of extra security features will also go some way towards restoring travelers’ confidence in the destination at a time when negative news stories are dominating the headlines both at home and abroad.

tulum aerial beach

Travelers heading to Tulum over the next few months will also be glad to hear that installing more cameras and hotel security staff aren’t the only ways Tulum is increasing security. 

Police officers working in Tulum are also set to be equipped with bodycams and more tactical equipment — measures that are bound to make any would-be criminals think twice about breaking the law.

It’s also believed that the police in the region will operate on longer surveillance schedules, which will keep travelers protected throughout the day and night and providing them with some much-needed peace of mind.

police car truck mexico

Speaking about the new measures, David Ortiz Mena, president of the Tulum Hotel Association, hoped travelers could get back to enjoying all that the town has to offer. 

“Disorder does not contribute anything to tourism. Tulum has stood out as a destination, but people choose this place for reasons other than partying and disorder. Our visitors come for rest, for gastronomy, and for having the most visited archaeological zone in the country,” he said. 

A DJ performing in a festival in Tulum surrounded by forest

These are the latest of several new preventative measures taken by Tulum in recent months.

The town not only added more police officers to its ranks but also introduced features such as panic buttons at bus stops and appointed a new Secretary of Public Security. 

A recent nighttime curfew for bars and clubs was also introduced, which will go some way towards curbing antisocial behavior and ensuring travelers can get a good night’s sleep.

Nightlife in the Mexican Caribbean with travelers and locals

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Sunday 26th of March 2023

The US wants to keep tourism dollars in the US, but everything is so expensive here now. It's impossible to have a nice vacation,on what your vacation budget was 2 years ago. Not to mention, college kids can drink at 18 in MX,but no longer can in the US, till they are 21. The crime stats are nothing to brag about in many parts of the states. The proverbial pot is calling the kettle black, on most of these "travel warnings".