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Wanted Polish Man Has Been Living In Cancun Airport For Four Months

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Odd Case Has Drawn Similarities To A Popular Tom Hanks Movie

Cancun Airport is experiencing its own iteration of Tom Hanks movie “The Terminal” while a wanted Polish man takes up residence in terminal 2. The man has been living in the airport for four months while legal proceedings take place.

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Unfortunately, the similarities with the Tom Hanks movie stop there. According to Mr Zalewiski, he has been stuck in the Immigration Services room in the airport and has lived on hot dog buns with ham and cheese for the entirety of his time there. The food has supposedly come from Copa Airlines representatives and not immigration services. He says he’s had multiple bouts of sickness due to his living conditions.

The authorities claim they have met their minimum requirements in providing him food, shelter, and regular access to his personal belongings. Which story is true is hard to tell at this point.

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According to multiple sources, Filip Roger Zalewski, has been living in the airport for the past four months after a series of criminal activities in different countries left him diplomatically unable to move without being arrested or deported.

Mr Zalewski is wanted in Poland, and Interpol has had a red notice listed against his name since 2021. According to Polish authorities, he is wanted for money laundering and for his affiliations with organized crime. He had successfully gained residency in Quintana Roo in 2020 and had been living in Playa del Carmen since.

The exact circumstances surrounding the case are hard to state with clarity. Mr Zalewski maintains his innocence, both in Poland in Mexico, claiming the immigration officers have illegally held him without a criminal record. While the immigration authorities claim they tried to send him back to Poland. As he has been a lawful resident in Mexico, he was able to file two lawsuits protesting his deportation, extending the time he has been held in the center. 

He was originally detained after returning from a trip to Panama, where the country’s authorities claimed he had a warning attached to his name, was traveling with nine thousand dollars in cash, and was in possession of a device designed to copy bank and credit cards.


He claims the device was not what they said it was and that as the legal amount of money allowed into Mexico is $10 thousand, there should have been nothing suspicious about him having it.

In dramatic claims, Mr Zalewski says he has witnessed the poor treatment of many immigrants stopped from entering Mexico. According to his testimonies, anyone deemed too poor to be on vacation is immediately detained and eventually deported. He says several detainees escaped by climbing through the ceiling. 

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Until a decision is made regarding his status, Mr Zalewski will be spending his time in terminal two. At this point, there is no indication of what the ruling is likely to be. A court hearing is slated for the twelfth of August, where a judge will make a choice regarding his future.

As several outlets have presented both Mr Zalewski’s and the immigration department’s version of events as fact, the Cancun Sun is only acknowledging the information available. When a more conclusive version of events is offered, we will follow up.

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The Tom Hanks reference involves the film The Terminal, where a man traveling from a fictional country lands in New York’s JFK to find that his nation is no longer recognized by the US, and his travel documents are null and void. Until his situation is resolved he lives in the airport terminal for nine months, often relying on the kindness of strangers to live.

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Friday 12th of August 2022

He’s LUCKY to be held at the airport. He had $9000 which he immediately said “is under the $10000 limit” so that was clearly purposely AND he’s carrying a portable machine that copies credit card information -THAT GUY IS GUILTY. He’s probably stolen hundreds of identities & lives off stealing their money. Why are Mexican authorities allowing him to live in the airport? And why hasn’t Interpol arrested him if he’s on their red list? He should be waiting in a Mexican prison.


Friday 12th of August 2022

I like flying to Mexico ✈️🏝️🏖️🇲🇽👍🏻