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What Vacationing In Cancun Looks Like In 2021

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The beautiful city in Quintana Roo continues to welcome a large number of tourists, especially right now, in comparison to other destinations. Vacationing in Cancun continues to preserve its flavor of fun and excitement, while slight practices and conducts have changed in response to the current pandemic. 

Here are the changes travellers can expect when heading to Cancun:

tourist at beach in Riviera Maya

Masks have become mandatory in many places when traveling the city in order to maintain low numbers of COVID-19 cases and ensure safety for all tourists. When rotating between places such as airports, hotels, restaurants, and other public places, individuals are expected to keep their masks on.

Social distancing stickers have been arranged on the floors in order to give visitors a visual representation of what social distancing looks like, and remind them to consistently follow it.

Chairs and palapas on a tropical beach

While many hotels in the U.S. have temporarily discontinued buffet services in response to COVID-19 health practices, many buffets in Cancun continue to operate in hotels such as the Fiesta Americana.

Cancun continues to give visitors the freedom of choosing their own meals through buffet systems. Changes such as acrylic barriers, plastic wraps to cover food, and employee service have been put into place to keep the practice as sanitary as possible.

hotel staff mask

Towels and other sanitary items are being distributed individually through plastic bags to keep them as safe and hygienic as possible.

Capacities have been reduced in order to promote social distancing and COVID-19 regulations. While most activities are being offered to tourists, the amount of people allowed in public areas has reduced to prevent the spread of germs.

All hotels and areas located in Cancun vary in current customs and updates. Taking that into consideration, tourists can expect slight changes when vacationing in the renowned city, but will still be given the same amount of fun and entertainment that was always offered.

Mayan Ruins site tourists Cancun

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