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Why More And More Digital Nomads Are Flocking To The Mexican Caribbean

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While the cost of living crisis seems to be lingering on longer than expected, it is no surprise that Mexico has just been ranked the No. 1 destination for expats in Internation’s most recent survey.

The Mexican Caribbean also seems to be emerging as the No. 1 playground for digital nomads, with its stunning scenery and low cost of living, making it a no-brainer for US citizens to make it their new temporary home. 

So what is it that is making expats happier than ever, and why are digital nomads flocking to the Mexican Caribbean when there are so many other options to choose from?

Woman looking at laptop on beach

Internation’s “Expat Insider Survey” bases its results on different indicators from quality of life, ease of settling in, and personal finance.

Expats now living in Mexico expressed the comfort and friendliness they feel from the locals, the ease with which they found settling into their new environment, and the ability to create community fairly quickly. 

With affordable living making it easy to find housing, particularly in more rural or beach town areas costing $450-$700 for a one-bedroom apartment, expats ranked Mexico high in personal finance as well as leisure options and only marked lower on the issue of political stability. 

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All of this clearly crosses over to the appeal for digital nomads who are also being drawn to the country for the same reasons. 

Mexico, Spain, and Panama are three of many countries now offering specific visas for digital nomads, ever enticing foreigners to take the plunge and bring their laptops to their country in the hope of a new and better life. 

With high-speed internet and co-working spaces popping up everywhere, it seems like it would almost be silly not to.

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Need to Knows About Digital Nomad Visas

For most digital nomads only wanting to stay in the country for a short period of time, the six-month tourist visa issued to U.S. citizens will suffice. 

While most countries only offer tourists the ability to stay for three months, Mexico generously offers double that, which seems to be an indication that the government and Quintana Roo’s mayor Mara Lezama are keen to make digital nomadism a higher, more attainable priority.

By removing previous barriers like migratory red tape and implementing advanced-tech passport scanners, it is clear that Quintana Roo officials want to make the region as attractive as possible to tourists, expats, and digital nomads alike.

Finding yourself in the Mexican Caribbean surrounded by a beautifully warm climate, rich cultural history, and delicious cuisine may entice you to want to stay longer. Therefore you would be looking to apply for a temporary residence visa. 

Tourist looking out over the Caribbean sea

Some financial criteria must be met in order to gain temporary residency, mainly making earnings of $2595 per month for the last six months. 

This would also mean you would have to gather the correct documentation and make a visa appointment at the embassy or consulate in your home country, so it’s definitely worth thinking about before you leave. 

The whole process seems relatively straightforward and also won’t break the bank with costs of $40 for the initial appointment and between $150 to $350 for the application.

Puerto Morelos sunset

Before you know it, you could be finishing your working day and heading to the golden sands of your local beach before thrusting yourself into world-famous Mexican cuisine for dinner. 

Benefits Of Being A Digital Nomad In The Mexican Caribbean  

The warm climate. With the temperature sitting at an average of 24C all year round, you are guaranteed to be feeling relaxed underneath those sunny skies whilst you work.

The internet. There are co-working spaces in no short supply, and Mexico has several good wifi providers with an average speed of 35 Mbps. An initiative has already begun to bring high-speed wifi to public beaches.

The Mexican culture. With everything from ancient archaeological sites to historical Spanish architecture, there is no way you will be running out of things to do.

Close-up of an ancient Maya site in Mexico

The low cost of living. As mentioned above, if you are looking to escape the American hustle and live a more budget-friendly lifestyle, Mexico is the place to be.

The people. It certainly won’t take long to feel right at home, with Mexican people being known for their warmth and hospitality.

With people of all ages tiring of the pre-pandemic way of working, it is no surprise that digital nomadism is on the rise and that many people are heading to the Mexican Caribbean to pursue it.

woman on her laptop on beach

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