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4 Ways Cancun Is Keeping Tourists Safe On Beaches This Winter

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Thousands of tourists visit Cancun during the winter season, and most of them choose the destination because they want to enjoy the beaches.   

Whether it’s to relax and do a little sunbathing, to party it up at one of the area’s beach clubs, to swim in the warm aqua blue Caribbean waters, or to enjoy some adventurous water activities, many of the tourists visiting will make a trip to at least one of Cancun’s beaches.   

Because there will be so many beachgoers, Cancun is doing four things to keep tourists safe on beaches this winter.   

Tourists Sitting Around a Lifeguard Post in Cancun, Mexico

Extra Lifeguards 

The biggest action taken to keep tourists safe on Cancun’s beaches is increasing the number of lifeguards on the busiest beaches.   

Currently, there are a total of 29 lifeguards divided up between 11 of the beaches in the vacation destination.   

It is always advised that you swim where a lifeguard is present, even when swimming in the typically calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.   

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Visual Monitoring 

Visual monitoring is also being conducted on these same beaches that have enhanced lifeguard presence.  

Visual monitoring helps officials and safety personnel keep track of how many swimmers are in the water.   

Additionally, monitoring allows officials to spot any tourists that might be in danger.   

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Beach Tours 

Periodic beach tours are being made by lifeguards and officials as well.   

The biggest reason for these tours is to consistently monitor the water conditions for safety issues.   

Officials will be looking for changing conditions in currents, dangerous marine life, and other possible dangers that tourists might not recognize.   

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Warning Flags 

Warning flags are the best way to tell if the water at any given beach is safe for swimming, and officials will be using them to inform tourists of Cancun’s beach conditions.   

There are four flags to look for when you visit any beach in the vacation destination, and it’s crucial that you heed the warnings.   

The flags are as follows: 

  • Black – Beach conditions are so dangerous that not only is swimming prohibited but the beach is closed.   
  • Red – The water is too dangerous for swimming, but the beach is still open for sunbathing or walking.   
  • Yellow – Beach conditions require you to use extreme caution when entering the water.   
  • Green – A green flag represents the only time that beach conditions are favorable and safe for swimming.   
Red Flag on a Beach in Cancun with Tourists in the Background

Additional Safety Recommendations  

There are several things you can do yourself to enhance your own safety on Cancun’s beaches.   

Number one is avoiding too much alcohol if you plan on doing any swimming.   

It’s also important to stay hydrated so that dehydration doesn’t lead to issues like becoming disoriented or even fainting.   

If you’ll be doing any water activities on the beach you should always wear a life jacket as well.   

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Beach Safety Tips For Tourists 

When you’re visiting Cancun’s beaches, a few safety tips will help you protect yourself.   

One is to follow recommendations regarding how far out into the water you should go, as going out too far is one of the biggest dangers when swimming in the sea because currents can make it difficult to get back to shore.   

Also, even if you’ll be visiting during the winter, use sunscreen so you don’t end up with painful burns.   

Last but not least, be aware of your surroundings and don’t let your kids out of your sight.   

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Cancun’s Most Popular Beaches 

Now that you know you’ll be safe at Cancun’s beaches, you’re probably wondering which beaches are the best ones to go to.   

Cancun has many amazing beaches, but there are a few in particular that are popular among tourists.   

Those beaches are: 

  • Playa Delfines  
  • Playa Chac Mool 
  • Playa Caracol  
  • Playa Marlin  
  • Playa Langosta 

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