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Bus Shortage In Cancun Leave Visitors With Large Groups Waiting For Transportation 

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For large groups visiting Cancun together a taxi is not an option, and now with the city facing a bus shortage, visitors with groups of more than three people could be left waiting a while for transportation. The shortage is not only being caused by the increase in the number of tourists visiting the city since the pandemic has been winding down, but also due to operational issues within the automotive sector in Mexico.  

As with in other countries, Mexico is also seeing shortages in supply chains and long wait times for delivery of certain items. Both of these situations are causing problems for all types of businesses, including those that are travel-related. In addition to leaving businesses without the supplies they need, the long wait times for larger items are making it harder to do business. 

The tourism industry in Cancun is the city’s lifeline and in recent months it has been bringing in millions of dollars in revenue due to the increase in travel since many Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. During the first four months of the year, many of the hotels stayed booked almost to capacity and the tourism boom in Cancun doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up any time soon. The city of Cancun and the greater Riviera Maya area is expected to be flooded with European tourists in the coming months, after just being packed with U.S. and Canadian tourists only recently. 

The shortage of staff in hotels and restaurants is something that they are already dealing with in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Many employees have had to take on multiple roles and work longer hours to meet the demand that has been nearly constant since the beginning of the year. A shortage in actual physical buses, though, is not something that can be fixed with the help of a dedicated employee.  

Current estimates for the delivery of new vehicles are as far out as eight months but the demand and the need for them is right now. Taxis are an option for those in small groups or for visitors willing to separate but it is a more expensive way to get around. In fact, the prices for taxi services just recently went up due to inflation and the high fuel prices we are currently seeing.  

The difference in cost is why so many visitors in Cancun choose to travel by bus. Many travelers arrive at Cancun International Airport with the intention of taking a bus to their hotel, rather than booking an airport taxi ahead of time. Taxis that are booked in advance would cost around $25.00 to get from the airport to the Hotel Zone, compared to around $50.00 if not booked ahead of time. The price of a shared shuttle from the airport is only $12.00 and a public bus is less than $6.00. 

In addition to taxis costing significantly more, tourists can also expect to deal with long wait times when requesting taxi service to get from the airport or around the city as well. It has recently been reported that wait times can exceed 40 minutes, leaving visitors frustrated when trying to go somewhere within the city, but also left wondering if they will make it to the airport on time. 

busy street in Cancun

Now with this news of bus shortages, travelers can expect to have to wait a while for a bus too. It is something to consider when making plans in this new era of change that has come about due to the pandemic. While the virus may not be as bad as it was, we are still dealing with its aftershock in many ways, as evidenced in this case of slow-moving supply chains. 

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