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Taxi Prices To Increase For Cancun Tourists 

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In Cancun taxi companies charge different prices based on the different routes through the city and starting May 1st taxi prices are going to increase for Cancun tourists. The reason tourists specifically will be paying more is that the rates will be increasing for the routes that they will use the most while visiting Cancun. The increase of 10 pesos, which translates to only about 50 cents in U.S. currency, isn’t a large one but it does add to the cost of getting around in the city. 

As mentioned above, taxi ride prices vary depending on where you’re being picked up and where you’re going. The routes with the highest rates, which are the routes that tourists will take the most, are those involving the airport, the downtown area, and the hotel zone. These routes are also the ones that will be affected by the small increase in price. 

Currently, visitors traveling from the airport to either the downtown area or the Cancun Hotel Zone can expect to pay as much as$25.00 if service is booked ahead of time. That price nearly doubles for those that wait until they arrive at the airport. For those that want to travel between the Hotel Zone and the downtown area a ride will cost slightly less than $10.00 and traveling within the Hotel Zone will run about $4.00.  It is important to note, though, that rates are not strictly enforced and, in some cases, can be changed by drivers. 

Understanding how taxis work in Cancun prior to visiting is a must, as there are a few general rules and suggestions to consider before hopping in one for a ride. Some of these rules and suggestions will save you time and money and some will ensure your safety while getting around Cancun and the Riviera Maya area.

Work Out the Price Before Riding and Reserve a Taxi in Advance – One issue that tourists sometimes have when getting a taxi in Cancun is confusion regarding price. In some cases, either intentionally or otherwise, drivers might tell customers a price in one currency and then upon arrival claim, they quoted a price in a different currency.  Reserving an airport taxi prior to arrival rather than upon arriving can help avoid this and can result in considerable savings as well. In some cases, visitors who book in advance can save as much as 50 percent, and since it’s already paid for there will be no question of price.

cnancun airport outside

Know Exactly Where You’re Going Before Your Ride – Visitors should have an address for their destination to show to the taxi driver upon being picked up. This will help overcome any communication barriers and get you to your destination quicker. It will also save a lot of confusion for both you and the driver.

Nighttime Busy Street in Cancun

Make Sure to Look for Official Taxi Vehicles and Don’t Accept Rides From Solicitors – Official taxi vehicles are regulated for safety and infractions involving rules. To ensure the best experience while you are visiting Cancun be sure to look for those official taxis, which will have lights on the top and numbers on both sides. It is also important to not accept rides from solicitors. Soliciting at the Cancun International Airport is illegal.

Playa del Carmen Mexico 21. December 2021 Green turquoise road sign at the highway in the city of Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Mexico.

Taxi prices in Cancun may be increasing slightly but it is still fairly cheap to get around the city. Visitors can even travel outside of the city for a decent price too. In fact, for less than $200 you can book a taxi for the day to see all the sites that the Riviera Maya has to offer. This slight increase in rates is a small price to pay for being able to visit such an amazing destination.

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Dennis Mahood

Sunday 1st of May 2022

Iwould not get in a taxi in Cancun. Those guys are crazy. You take your life in your own hands if you do.

Frequent Traveler

Saturday 6th of May 2023

@Dennis Mahood, I have traveled to Cancun 10 times since 2015 and never had any issues with any of the taxi or shuttle drivers there.

Ron Campbell

Sunday 1st of May 2022

Cancun is taking out their misfortunes out on travelers! Goin to put themselves out of business, work on that mess threw customs!