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La Nina’s Intensity Prompts Heavy Hurricane Warnings For Cancun

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Quintana Roo Is Set To Continue Its Endless Battle With Nature In 2022

La Niña, one-half of an indicative weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean, has increased its intensity significantly, suggesting that the Mexican Caribbean could be in for a rough hurricane season. Quintana Roo often feels the brunt of heavy hurricanes in the Caribbean.

la nina satellite

Although still early, the intensity of La Niña has only been seen in 1975 and 1995. With the intensity rising, the likelihood of a tough hurricane season increases along with it. The phenomenon was anticipated to slow, but recent data has proved those theories wrong, which could potentially prove catastrophic for the Mexican Caribbean.

According to the data, the likelihood of La Niña being the dominant side of the weather phenomenon is at 58%. The warmer El Niño is now down at 8%. Generally, if El Niño ends up stronger, the likelihood of an active hurricane season is significantly lower.

flood surge

Hurricanes are always chaotic for the Mexican Caribbean, and if any make landfall, those present can expect at the least some minor damage, power outages, and possible water problems. If a strong hurricane hits, flooding, severe damage, and multiple fatalities are common.

Last year, Hurricane Grace made landfall near Tulum. Although no deaths were reported after the category 1 hit, power lines were seen dangling in the street, trees felled, and a powerful storm surge saw some damage on the shoreline.

hut collapse in cancun

If a strong hurricane season was to occur, it would be the next in a series of tough natural phenomena for Cancun and the rest of the state to deal with. The state has already been struggling with incessant sargassum deposits. The smelly seaweed ruins beachgoers’ vacations on a regular basis, and the sheer volume is proving too much for the state to cope with.

Despite multiple strategies being implemented and hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, many beaches are still covered, with private establishments scrambling from the early hours of the morning to clear their portion of the sand of the unsightly brown seaweed.

hurricane sandy aftermath

Aside from the immediate inconvenience of the issues, the monetary problems will linger long into the future for both the businesses and the visitors. The amount of money spent on the sargassum alone has seen upticks in room rates as the cleanup and prevention eat into profit margins. With some destruction added into the equation, it can only be assumed that those profit margins would dip further.

The concept of a 60km oceanic barrier has been suggested to help combat the masses of sargassum, although there is no suggestion of when this could take place or if it will at all. The project would be expensive although it may solve many problems.

hurricane damage

Tourists often avoid the region during hurricane season, but many still make the journey, risking it for the lower rates that are available at that time. It’s always a decision that visitors should not take lightly, as there is a strong possibility of being stranded in the state for much longer than anticipated.

hurricane sky

Cancun and Quintana Roo have overcome COVID, struggled through the sargassum problem, and now may have to face hurricanes. Nature has not been kind to the state, but its popularity continues to grow in the face of adversity. Problems inland involving crime still blight its reputation across the world, but it’s hoped that the investment in the area bodes well for its future.

man on beach with sargassum

Those traveling to Cancun should always check in on the weather, sargassum, and other potential problems before traveling so as to ensure an enjoyable trip. Many hotels now offer regular updates on sargassum, while any hurricane warnings can be found online.

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