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Cancun Government Recommends Tourists Follow These 5 Important Tips To Stay Safe On Vacation

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The Cancun municipal government is trying with all of their might to make sure that tourists stay safe in their sping vacations in the region. On top of bringing in reinforcements from the military to patrol the city, local authorities have also published a few tips and tricks for tourists to follow. This was done, in an effort to ensure that their stay in the Cancun region is a pleasant one. Many of these recommendations are rather obvious, but it may not hurt to remind people, particularly as they are trying to keep the peace. Here are important tips to follow throughout your stay in Cancun. 

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1. Carry Your ID With You At All Times

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to be asked to constantly prove that you’ve entered the country legally or anything like that. Quite frankly, in bars, and restaurants in the region it probably doesn’t even mean that you’re going to be asked for it to prove your over 18. It’s a precautionary measure just in case you get yourself into trouble.    

Carry an ID with you

2. Avoid Swimming In Beaches When Lifeguards Are Not On Duty

Water safety overall is something that the local authorities are keeping an eye on through the peak season. Life guards are scheduled to be on duty from 9 to 5 across the board in virtually all Cancun beaches. Know that swimming in local beaches outside of those working hours could put you at a higher risk of injury or worse. 

Even within lifeguard working hours swimming more than 27 yards out from shore onto the sea is heavily discouraged. Authorities mention that doing so could result in unwanted wildlife encounters, as well as increase the probability of drowning due to cramps or other physical issues. Also, authorities said that tourists should avoid swimming after consuming alcoholic beverages.      

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3. Keep Your Personal Conduct In Check To Avoid Fines, Penalties or Jail Time

The best way to be able to avoid fines, jail time or even sargassum pick up duty is to keep your own personal conduct in check. Authorities specifically indicated that behaviours such as insulting police officers, or other people, disoderdly conduct in general, nudity, and public intoxication are highly discouraged activities. 

Rowdy Tourist Cancun

Any type of disorderly conduct incident couldget you be apprehended by police. Once in custody a judge will be decide the type of penalty that could be imposed on you. The best thing that you can do is keep yourself in check to avoid any unwanted scenarios in this regard.       

4. Don’t Leave Your Belongings Unattended At Any Point

As mentioned before, authorities are enlisting the help military personell to be able to increase their presence on the beaches, and tourist hot spots in an effort to keep people safe. In spite of this, one of the recommendations that local authorities are making is to ensure that you keep personal property near you at all times. Particularly in crowded places, where you’re going to want to beware of pickpocketters. Even if you’re on a private beach area your best bet is going to be to keep a close eye on your belongings to avoid theft.   

Bags Left on Beach

5. Buy Tours & General Services Only From Authorized Sellers    

This tip can apply to buying virtually anything in the region. There have been reports of scams that have taken place relatively recently. With that in mind it is important to ensure that you are buying tours, and other types of amenities from a trusted seller. Most of the certified sellers will feature credentials, and seals that verify them as certified sellers in the region. A good strategy may be to get help from the resort that you’re staying at to book different activities. Some sellers in public plazas may not have the tourists’ best interests in mind.

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