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Military Soldiers Will Continue Patrolling The Cancun Hotel Zone

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If you see military personnel walking around famous tourists spots in the Cancun area do not be alarmed. They are part of the Safe Beach program, and an operation called the red circle. The name red circle actually alludes to the fact that the military officers have encircled the Cancun Hotel zone. They are actively patrolling the area particularly at night around some of the more popular nightclubs and bars in the region.

Cancun Bar & Night Club Area

Over the weekends it’s estimated that about 300 troops will actively patrol the Cancun hotel zone area. They are considered part of the large garrison that was sent to the state in the last couple of days. Over the weekend it was announced that 18,000 military members were sent to different parts of Mexico with diverse tasks but many involve the protection of tourists and prevention of crime.

military police

Out of those 18,000 around 1,200 troops were set into the Cancun area. The military personnel that was set out to this region is mostly charged with patrol duties, and different types of peace keeping tasks. These troops will be divided into different groups within the region to be able to patrol tourist spots in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum.

police patrol

No Incidents On Beaches & Night Clubs Over The Weekend

Military personnel reported that there were no major incidents throughout the weekend. Particularly in the areas near bars and nightclubs that they were patrolling. Things could get a bit more hectic in the coming weeks though as 3 million tourists are expected for Easter.

show at cancun

Hotel occupancy is set to reach well over 80% as Holy week, and Easter weekend approach. There has been no official word on how many more officers are going to be patrolling the streets. As we mentioned before only 300 military members were seen in and around the hotel zone. A total of 1200 are said to be stationed around the Rivera Maya region. 

Marines On Beach Patrol

The Beaches Are Still Set to Be Patrolled By Military Personnel As Well            

As we reported last week fully decked out marines with high-powered weapons continue to patrol Cancun beaches. Much to the delight of tourists who are stopping these service men and women for pictures. Again, it seems that no major incidents have occurred in the areas that are heavily patrolled by marines.

soldiers beach

The beaches, though, became a major focus because of an incident where people who were riding on jet skis opened fire, thankfully most shooting their guns into thin air. This prompted the marine presence on the beaches starting in December of last year. Even though, similar incidents have not been reported as of late, the marines are set to remain a steady presence in these spots. 

jet ski issue in Cancun Beach

Cancun Airport Likely To See Reinforcements After Monday’s Episode

Terminal 3 at the Cancun airport had to be evacuated Monday after a tourist mistakenly panicked after thinking they heard gunshots but it was actually 3 signs falling over. Confused tourists were scrambling for the exits without really being sure of what was taking place. This incident is likely to bring forth a bigger military presence at the airport.

Accessing the airport was also an issue last week because of a truck driver blockade that took place near the road that leads to the airport. Whatever the case may be it seems like good advice to head to the airport with plenty of time to spare ahead of your flight.

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