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Cancun Increasing Security Measures For Spring Break To Keep Tourists Safe

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Cancun is once again cranking up its safety measures ahead of spring break. 

As Cancun is the number one destination in the Mexican Caribbean for American tourists, spring break is usually a peak time for visitors, which can bring with it its own set of challenges. 

life guard station on cancun beach

Is Cancun Safe? 

Firstly, it’s important to point out that Cancun is already an extremely safe destination to travel to and reports little to no criminal activity each season. 

This is down to a number of reasons, one being that a strong security presence is always felt in the area. 

As the Mexican Caribbean grows from strength to strength with its own popularity, so too does the work to maintain that status. 


Cancun vacation safety tips

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The success of tourism in America is largely dictated by the U.S. travel Advisory Board, which issues different levels of warnings for each destination to be cautious of/stay away from.

Authorities in Mexico are constantly doing everything in their power to keep tourists safe and not receive warnings from the travel advisory board, which in turn can have a negative effect on the economy.

And so, things like huge CCTV surveillance systems and patrols of beaches/other popular tourist hubs have become the norm. 

What Increased Safety Measures Are There Going To Be? 

With the Easter holiday season just over a month away, different groups of security personnel are undergoing trainings and recertification in preparation for the influx of tourists that are expected. 

It is the hope that with these trainings and recertifications, all security staff will be more than prepared should any emergency arise. 

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In addition, 23 new lifeguards and 12 new firefighters are being introduced in Cancun.

Both new and experienced security personnel will engage with new standards, complimentary techniques, and enhanced forms of patient care in their retraining, which are routine every six months. 

And so, if you are headed to Cancun this spring, you are going to be in safe hands. 

Will The Increased Security Measures Affect My Holiday? 

The main thing many tourists worry about when they hear about more active security on the streets and beaches of Cancun is…will it ruin the experience? 

Security Officials Walking Pasts Tourists on a Beach in Cancun

Now of course, it might take just a minute to get used to seeing police patrols and an increased number of lifeguards on the beach. 

You might think, “Is this place unsafe? Is that why there is so much security?”

The fact of the matter is – these people are there for you. 

They truly have your best interest at heart and just want to keep you safe. 

Beaches in the Mexican Caribbean follow a flag system, and unless they are red or black, they are pretty safe to be on due to the presence of lifeguards.

Red Flag on a Beach in Cancun with Tourists in the Background

Things like crime rarely take place in busy, built-up tourist areas and almost never involve tourists themselves due to higher police patrols and increased CCTV.

So if the compromise is witnessing more people trying to protect you, we think it’s a pretty good one and certainly won’t make a difference to your overall experience.

Making Cancun Vacations Rentals Safer 

While the majority of people choose luxury all-inclusive accommodations in Cancun, there are a large number of vacation rental options that many tourists opt for. 

Aerial view of Cancun hotel zone

As their popularity continues to grow, more stringent safety measures for platforms like Airbnb are also being brought into place to regulate the service. 

Vacation rental platforms will now require the guest information of every person staying at the accommodation as a non-negotiable.

This will enable the host to keep track of details should they need to give information to authorities in case of complaints and reports of criminal activity. 

A registration system will also be introduced so that the platform can keep track of the hosts of rental properties and make sure they are legitimate. 

These measures will hopefully identify any scammers using the service and keep them safe.

Vacation Rental Villas in Cancun, Mexico

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