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Cancun Issues New Warnings For Tourists Regarding Beaches 

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With the busy holiday season already underway, Cancun has issued new warnings to help keep tourists safe while visiting the area’s beaches. Millions of tourists are expected in the premier tourist destination in the coming weeks. With the rise in the number of people that will be on the beaches in the city during this time, it is important to take steps to prevent accidents. Those who heed these warnings will be much safer, according to officials. 

The warnings that have been issued by the municipal government are designed to help protect tourists and residents while they enjoy the beautiful beaches during the Easter holiday and throughout the summer. They cover everything from when beachgoers should swim to what to wear while at the beach. The idea is to reduce the number of accidents so that everyone can have a safe and fun time on Cancun’s beaches during its busiest season.

The first warning, and one of the most important, is to make sure to swim while lifeguards are on duty. Even the most experienced swimmer can have accidents and the chances of minimizing injuries are far greater when there is a trained lifeguard nearby to offer help. Lifeguards at public beaches are on duty from 9:00 a.m. – to 5:00 p.m. every day.

The second warning points to signs and notices issued by the lifeguards on duty. Officials are requesting that all beachgoers be aware of these notices and respect them at all times, as they relay important information. Parents and other adults are also asked to make sure that minors are under constant supervision, despite the presence of lifeguards. This will help prevent accidents, as well as incidents involving the loss of children on the busy beaches. Do not swim in areas where red flags are posted.

The consumption of alcohol is another activity known for causing accidents every year on Cancun’s beaches, and in many cases, they can be avoided. That’s why officials are warning against swimming and taking part in other activities in the water while under the influence of alcohol. They ask that visitors consume alcohol in moderation to help limit alcohol-related accidents. 


Finally, officials in Cancun also warn that tourists should use sunscreen throughout the day while visiting the beach. In addition, for those that will be spending a long time in the sun, appropriate clothing should be worn to limit sun and heat exposure. Shirts, hats, cover-ups, etc. are all designed to limit the amount of skin exposed to the sun and can mean all the difference when it comes to exposure-related injuries. Aside from issuing these warnings, the city also asks that visitors and residents all take part in sanitary protocols. This applies to those arriving and those leaving the beaches, in order to keep them clean and safe for everyone.

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Cancun and the Riviera Maya are expected to play host to more than 200,000 tourists a day during the weeks of the upcoming Easter holiday. Predictions have even reached as high as 3 million during this time. This is evidence that Mexico continues to be a popular destination among international tourists following the boom from the lax restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of these tourists come from the United States and Canada, where they may not be used to the high temperatures that can often be seen in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, and in Mexico in general. In order to have a fun, safe vacation it is important to heed the warnings of local officials in charge of providing a safe environment for visitors. 

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If everyone does their part to help stay safe, then everyone can enjoy Cancun for what they came for, the warm sun and the fabulous beaches.  

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