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Cancun Officials Step Up Security Measures To Protect Tourists This Summer

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As Cancun’s popularity soars among travelers this year, officials are committing more resources to protect tourists against crime, including scams and petty theft.

A couple walks by the beautiful beach in Cancun

Although the resort destination is one of the safest for international travel in Mexico, crimes against tourists remain a significant issue.

Here’s the latest on what’s being done to ensure a safe vacation for travelers.

Authorities Launch Coordinated Approach To Prevent Crime

One of the main issues that have limited the effectiveness of crime prevention in Cancun is the number of different police bodies and authorities operating in the Mexican Caribbean.

From local Cancun officials to federal police, it can take a long time for crime victims to resolve their cases.


This is set to change this year after Cancun signed a new agreement with the General Attorney Office of the Mexican Caribbean state of Quintana Roo.

Under the new legal framework, local police and law enforcement personnel have more means to assist crime victims by following up on their cases directly with the affected parties.

According to Juan Pablo de Zulueta, Cancun’s Secretary for Tourism, theft is the most common crime that travelers face in Cancun. Pickpockets and organized crime groups often target travelers to steal valuable items like phones and, in some cases, personal documents like passports.

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The beautiful Paradise beach in Cancun with tourists walking by and the plam trees

“Our new agreement has been largely beneficial, we are constantly in touch with the victims, we are supporting them throughout the process,” Mr de Zulueta said in an interview.

In practice, this means that travelers that find themselves in the predicament of getting valuables stolen will have a better chance of recovering them during their vacation.

Travelers on a popular beach in Cancun

In an interview, Mr. de Zulueta added that Cancun’s enhanced security efforts are leading to more cases of crimes being resolved, with some two to three incidents on average per week. Cancun’s Secretary for Tourism is also allocating more resources to assist travelers affected by crime, even if they have already returned back home.

Over the past year, officials across Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean have stepped up efforts to protect travelers against organized crime. As travel numbers climb to unprecedented highs, more is being done to protect travelers and boost Cancun’s reputation.

installing cctc security camera

From installing more security cameras in restaurants and shops to deploying hundreds of troops from the National Guard, who regularly patrol Cancun beaches and tourist hotspots, protecting travelers is a priority for local officials.

Follow These Important Safety Tips On Your Next Cancun Getaway

While Cancun is a safe destination overall, there are certain steps travelers can take to protect themselves from crime.

It’s essential to be aware of one’s personal belongings at all times. Travelers should never leave their items unattended, whether at the resort or the beach, as pickpockets act rapidly.

Officers inspecting a beach area and salesperson

When visiting downtown Cancun leave valuables such as jewelry and watches in the resort’s safe. While some of Cancun’s best experiences happen during the night, it’s important to stick to touristy areas and to drink in moderation.

Another crucial safety tip is to purchase comprehensive travel insurance prior to flying to Cancun. Good travel insurance covers lost items, illness, and canceled- options.

Travelers can find a wealth of resources on safety and crime on the Guest Assist application, which Mexican Caribbean officials recently launched. The online platform allows travelers to report crime and to get help should they be affected by crime.

Use reliable transportation services: When moving around in Cancun, it’s advisable to use reputable and licensed transportation services.

Cars and bus on the road with Welcome to Cancun sign at the front

Opt for official taxis, authorized shuttle services, or prearranged transfers through your hotel. Avoid hailing random taxis on the street, and if possible, plan your transportation in advance to ensure a safe and reliable journey.

Plan Your Next Cancun Vacation:

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Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Great there will be better coordination between the various police agencies. But, that emphasis is more towards reporting and resolving thefts. PREVENTION should be the top priority.

Beda Amezcua

Monday 29th of May 2023

I am Mexican living in the USA , I went to Cancun in March , and the only people you have to be very careful are the taxi cabs ! it is insane!! Especially in areas like Zona Hotelera that is the mafia ! They don’t allowed to enter to that area to regular taxis it is ridiculous !! Same in Playa del Carmen , Taxi drivers from outside the 8th Ave. area are good people ! Reasonable price wise they are kind and helpful, taxicabs from 8th Ave. outside the ferries are outrageous expensive, my Airbnb was less than 10 minutes from the 8th Ave , taxi charged me 200.00 pesos the next day returning to the same area to take the ferry to Cozumel $30.00 pesos isn’t that stealing? Come on Quintana Roo you can do better , everything ! and I mean EVERYTHING!! In Cancun , Playa del Carmen , Isla Mujeres , Cozumel is more Expensive than in the USA Restaurants clothing stores EVERYTHING!! I started 2 weeks at Vidanta Bliss Resort , the little store there 🙄 I think Cancun and all the places that I have mentioned are Over Priced , before we use to go to Cancun because we can buy inexpensive everything , not any more !! It’s Ridiculous OVERPRICED