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This Cancun App Is The Ultimate Go-To For Travelers In Need Of Assistance

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Travelers to Cancun and the wider Mexican Caribbean have been provided with a fantastic new tool to help streamline many of the possible headaches that can creep up while on vacation.

The new Guest Assist app, available on both Apple and Android, provides a wealth of information and guidance for anyone whose well-being or personal belongings have been affected in a huge variety of situations.

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*The Guest Assist program is also available directly on the web without the need to download the app.*

The following are the ways in which Guest Assist empowers travelers:


The emergencies section of the app gives travelers an informative guide on what situations warrant a phone call to the local 911 service.

If a traveler experiences any of the mentioned situations, it is important they immediately seek help from 911.

911 dialled on a phone


Although the global health emergency from Covid-19 has been deemed to be over by many nations, the virus remains among us.

This section advises travelers on what to do to continue protecting themselves from the virus, as well as further information on what to do if they catch the virus while in the country.

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Legal Support

A fantastic initiative, the Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo (SEDETUR) offers free basic legal assistance in a huge variety of situations, including but not limited to; the infringement of a traveler’s rights across consumer goods and physical integrity and safety.

All travelers while in Mexico receive the same full protections of Mexican law that locals enjoy and are encouraged to expect this to be respected.

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Country-specific information is given on the steps to take if a traveler’s passport is lost, damaged, or stolen.

This information includes the exact department of each respective embassy to contact as well as further information on emergency passport services.

US passports with the star spangled banner in background

Consulates And Embassies

In the case that a traveler needs to reach their consulate/embassy while in Cancun, they can use the Guest Assist app to find exactly where that is, as well as any relevant contact numbers and email addresses.

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This section is one of the most in-depth and shows Cancun’s commitment to traveler satisfaction.

In the case that any tourist finds that a tourism provider (as well as any other commercial entity) doesn’t respect the following:

  • Price
  • Dates
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Warranties

They are requested to make a report to the Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor (PROFECO) through the Guest Assist app.

PROFECO is Mexico’s consumer rights and protection watchdog and has a reputation for being extremely tenacious when it comes to its duties.

Out of all of Mexico’s government organizations, PROFECO is often quoted by locals as being one of the most competent institutions in the country, so don’t hesitate to follow up with them if the need arises.

In this section, travelers will also find resources on how to make a complaint from abroad after they return home.

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Another super helpful section refers to the visitor tax. Travelers can very quickly input their passport number and retrieve a digital receipt instantaneously that proves their prior payment of the tax.

This section also allows travelers to pay the tax through the app, helping to streamline the system for anyone who hasn’t paid directly through their airfare.

Anyone who has visited Mexico extensively across both land and air borders will know that the previous system was a bit of a headache.

Often travelers would find themselves having to argue with immigration officials that they had already paid the tax in their airfare. And while most of the time it was a resolvable situation, this new system ensures no traveler needs to have this argument again.

immigration line


This is a section that we hope travelers never need to use, but it’s an important resource for those in need to have.

In the event that a crime is committed against a visitor and they believe the situation is moving too slowly with the police, it is encouraged that they file a report directly to the state legal authorities through the contacts provided.

While Mexico’s law enforcement has a chequered history, the state and national legal institutions in the country have a much more reliable reputation.

Quintana roo police truck

Call Center

This section is available only on mobile and is a direct line to a Guest Assist call center that can give travelers further information and help clear up any potential confusion about advice contained in the app.

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Cindy Chen

Friday 15th of September 2023

Guest Assist is a joke ! I wanted to report to a theft case but the link where you can file a report case does not work. I called Call center many times, nobody answer, not even once. I filed complaints about the service through the app, just like a stone thrown into the ocean. I didn't even get a message either at my cell nor my email that the complaint messages they have received and will reply accordingly. The worst is I followed their information and went to the police station at the touristic zone, there is a lady who's duty is to help translate. Guess what ? The police refused to take my case , saying I need to go to the main station to file the case. The reason is only there would provide the official translator, but there is a lady working in that station and her job is to translate !!!

When Cancun is trying to convince foreigners to come because Cancun has compacted with a lot of helps and service, and it all turns out to be a LIE.

Stop feeding us this fake service ! It is only a JOKE !.