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Cancun Ramping Up Safety For Tourists With Significant Law Enforcement Increase 

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If you have ever been to Cancun, especially if you have visited more than once, then there is a good chance that at some point you have seen the police monitoring tourist areas.   

You may have even seen the military patrolling the streets and beaches. This is because Cancun officials take the security of their tourists very seriously.   

And now Cancun is ramping up safety even more for tourists, with a significant increase in law enforcement. 

Police Officer Walking Down a Street in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Adding More Than A Few New Police Officers 

The decision to increase law enforcement presence in Cancun resulted in adding not just a few but a lot more police officers to the force.   

The State Center for Assessment and Control of Confidence recently announced that they have more than 100 applications for new officers.   

During the announcement, officials stated that 80 percent or more, or approximately 96 of them, should be okayed to go through training to become an officer.   

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Cancun’s Goal For 2023 

The goal for this year, according to municipal president Ana Patricia Peralta, is to recruit a total of 200 new officers.   

In addition to the up to 120 that will be brought on board in the near future, 28 have already been hired.   

The combined total is very close to that goal number, and it’s only halfway through the year. 

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Why Does Cancun Need So Many Police Officers? 

Cancun isn’t a violent, unsafe city by any means, but it does see its share of crime, typically in neighborhoods far from the tourist areas of the city.   

The hiring of more police officers, in addition to addressing current crime, also helps prevent some of that crime in the future.   

And adding more police officers to the force is only one way that Cancun officials are addressing security in the tourist destination.   

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Cancun’s Other Methods Of Maintaining Security 

A massive police officer hiring event and military patrols are not the only methods used in Cancun to maintain security.   

According to reports, new watchtowers are being built in various parts of the city, and security cameras are being installed in many areas.   

It was also recently announced that drones will be used to enhance security as well, a project that will start sometime between July and August.   

Mexican Police with Shields Walking Down the Street

Is Cancun Safe? 

Cancun is no less safe than vacation destinations in other parts of the world, and it gets safer and safer the more popular it gets because officials keep enhancing security.   

Despite repeated warnings from the U.S. about various issues, tourists are very rarely the victims of crimes in Cancun.   

The city’s efforts at constant surveillance of tourist areas no doubt play a major role in preventing crimes against tourists. 

Armed Police Officers on a Mexican Beach

Don’t Be Alarmed When You See Military And Police 

While in some places seeing military and police presence might be alarming because it can signify a situation, it’s not uncommon to see them walking around in Cancun.   

Many tourists are shocked when they’re relaxing on the beach and see the military walk by, but their presence is why Cancun is a safe place to visit.   

Unless there is obviously something going on, they’re likely just there to protect tourists just like you.   

Police Patrolling Downtown Cancun on an ATV.

A Safe, Fun Vacation In Cancun 

Officials in Cancun can add all of the security measures they want, but the person that can protect you the most is you.   

Just like when you’re visiting anywhere else, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and make smart decisions when you’re in Cancun too.   

If you do, you can have a safe, fun vacation in Cancun like the millions of travelers that already do. 

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Saturday 17th of June 2023

been there many times ,seen the security, love it there, and will keep going, we love Cancun!!