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Cancun Removes The Mandatory Use Of Masks Outdoors

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New Rules In Place Immediately But Masks Still Required In Some Spaces

The Governor of Quintana Roo announced that the mandatory use of masks in outdoor public areas will be removed as of Tuesday. The decision is not completely permanent and the government has reserved the right to revert in the event of an outbreak.

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Speaking on the government communications channel, Carlos Joaquin, the governor of the state talked about the progress made in the region as they grappled with the effects of COVID-19.

Making reference to several statistics, he stated that the time is right to allow the relaxation of further sanitary measures that have been in place for almost two years. He cited hospital capacity being less than 2%, no incubated patients, and no deaths for several days. The outlook is good for Cancun and the rest of the state, and the measures are likely to help support what is anticipated to be a strong Easter season.


Clarifying the details of the new measures, Joaquin said that it is no longer mandatory to wear masks when outside in the public. For example, walking down the street or at the beach, going for a run, or hanging out in an outdoor establishment are all safe spaces to go mask-free now.

He did reiterate that they are still required in closed spaces, crowds, and always on public transport. So anyone hopping on a bus in the region will still be expected to mask up. He also explained that anyone serving a customer in restaurants, bars, or hotels will still be expected to be wearing a mask to help protect themselves and their guests.

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Another huge plus for Cancun is the extension of operational hours in the region. Bars, restaurants, and hotels have had limitations on the opening and closing times for the past two years. Although they have been relaxed significantly as the state emerged from stricter rules, the added hours will be welcomed. Bars and clubs, in particular, will be enjoying the added hours as the early hours of the morning are often peak hours for these sorts of establishments.

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It also means night outs won’t be ending as early for some of the younger crowd visiting over the spring break period. Though nowhere near as many Spring-breakers are arriving as in past years, there is still a significant amount present who are typically the most lively in regards to late nights.

Cancun is expecting as many as 200 thousand tourists a day over the week of Easter, with a huge portion of them making a transatlantic flight from Europe. The tragic events taking place in Ukraine have allowed Cancun a bittersweet benefit, as the instability in Europe is prompting tourists to head in the opposite direction.

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The focus over this period will be ensuring visitors have as wonderful a time as possible. Removing the mask mandate and increasing the operational hours are a major part of that, in the hopes that some of the new markets will be impressed and become return visitors.

Security has also been increased in the region in the face of an uptick in gang violence. Organized crime has been seeping into the experience of tourists in the region and, although it’s extremely rare that any are involved, the government is doing what it can to ensure the safety of those enjoying the state.

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Another issue facing the city is the arrival of sargassum. The unpleasant-smelling seaweed has already arrived on several beaches, with several tonnes collected this week alone. This has been a challenge for the past few years but has been increasing along with global warming.

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Those hoping to visit Cancun in the near future should keep on top of any changes in the COVID restrictions both in Mexico and in the home country. 

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