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Cancun To Strengthen Security in Tourist Zones

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Quintana Roo Government Combats Increase In Crime

The Government of Quintana is set to provide more security for Cancun and other major tourist cities in the state. The new programs have been rolled out to combat recent events involving organized crime.

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The state government has held several meetings over the past few weeks seeking a solution to security issues in the region. The outcome of the discussions has led to the implementation of ten new programs to help fight the problems facing the state.

Quintana Roo is home to several high-profile tourist hotspots. Cancun is by far the most important and is currently one of the most visited destinations on the planet. Other places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel all play huge roles in the local industry. Mexico’s relaxed response to the pandemic has allowed them all to flourish over the past year, but recent events put the longevity of that success at risk.

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Several headline-grabbing incidents involving organized crime have left many questioning the safety of Cancun and Quintana Roo. In 2021, two tourists were killed in the crossfire between rival gangs, while just a month ago a shocking broad daylight double assassination at the Hotel Xcaret prompted travel advisories from the US and Canada.

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Several other incidents have occurred, and although they very rarely directly impact tourists, Quintana Roo’s reputation globally as a safe destination is at stake. The new initiatives are set to help lessen the chances of organized crime committing offenses in such close proximity to tourists.

Along with the tourist security battalion, the police, navy, and other government-based organizations will be coordinating going forward. The popular beach areas will be sectioned off into particular areas of higher risk and increased patrols might be seen. The tourist security battalion has been patrolling these areas since late 2021, but increased efforts and more specificity are expected to be seen.

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There will also be constant aerial surveillance of the main tourist areas. Any suggestion of criminal acts will be immediately reported to local police or the security battalion to ensure nothing escalates into a similar situation to what has been seen previously.

Hotel and restaurant surveillance systems are set to be hooked up to the police’s C5 network too, meaning that any disturbances that happen in or around these establishments can be dealt with immediately. Currently, most security cameras are used retroactively for identifying culprits or assessing situations after they have happened. These new developments allow permanently based police officers to be watching these areas in real-time. The possibility of initiating a response quickly is greatly increased.

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Information and intelligence sharing is expected to be increased between the different organizations. That includes international agencies like the FBI. The events at the Hotel Xcaret were related to Canadian grime syndicates that were previously known to the Canadian government. It’s hoped that sharing info between agencies can allow nearly identification and prevent similar events.

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Interestingly, the hiring process for private security personnel in hotels and other establishments is to be overhauled. A change in the background checks and training process is being designed to help prevent any corruption in those working as security guards. In the past, it has been possible for guards to turn a blind eye if local gangs are able to offer bribes or other incentives.

On top of all of these, a new committee has been formed to help keep on top of the developments and push the region forward in regards to tourist safety. Tourists arriving in the area can expect to receive advice in the form of brochures and info in their hotels about what to do in the unlikely event that they are involved in a situation.


The new initiatives are hugely positive for Cancun and its millions of tourists. Big steps are being taken to ensure visitor safety, and it’s’ hoped that these will help keep Cancun on top of the world’s most popular destinations.

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