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Cancun Taxi Driver Found With Gun And Drugs After Threatening Woman In Hotel Zone 

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Another incident involving a Cancun taxi driver was recently reported.  This time, though, it had nothing to do with an Uber driver but a woman waiting outside of a hotel property.  According to reports regarding this most recent event, a Cancun taxi driver was found with a gun and drugs after he threatened a woman in the Cancun Hotel Zone.  The woman called 911, which led to the arrival of law enforcement and the subsequent arrest of the taxi driver. 

Taxi Waiting in the Cancun Hotel Zone

Cancun Taxi Drivers 

Cancun taxi drivers have been in the news quite often over the last several weeks.  This is mostly due to their aggression towards Uber drivers and tourists who use Uber or even look like they’re waiting for an Uber.  But Cancun taxi drivers historically have a less than stellar reputation, often being accused of overcharging, aggressively trying to get passengers, harassment, and even violence, particularly towards the competition, like Uber and private transport drivers. 

At the beginning of the year, Cancun taxi drivers blocked access to the airport in a protest that would eventually lead to the U.S. state department issuing a travel advisory for the area.

@livvvraeee I tried to get a taxi but they “weren’t going that way” so waited and waited at the hotel and finally called Uber…. (Sorry to my Uber driver who is still stuck in the mess)…. There was a pilot stuck who was supposed to be flying to San Francisco too, he’s probably still stuck as well.. #uber #taximafia #taxi #mexico #travel #vacation #boycotttaxisinmexico #cancun #missedflights #hotday #notcool ♬ original sound – Liv

How Bad Is The Problem? 

After a report that was released last year detailed more than 2,800 violent acts committed by taxi drivers over the last three years leading up to the report’s publication, authorities began to crack down on misconduct by sanctioning drivers. 

The acts of violence detailed in the report included protests and attacks against individuals viewed as competition, including drivers they felt were invading their territory.  Additionally, the report revealed that more than 400 drivers were suspected to be involved in more serious crimes, including having ties with organized crime, drug dealing, kidnapping, and firearm possession.   

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@khvdijv_ The taxi companies in Cancun are mad aggressive 😭😂 #fyp #Cancun Mexico #taxi #taxidriver ♬ original sound – Khadija G.

The Current Situation  

The current situation taking place due to the recent decision to allow Uber to operate in the city has even led to the U.S. State Department issuing a warning to American travelers visiting Cancun.  While the warning does not restrict travel to the region, it does suggest travelers “exercise increased caution” when visiting the state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun.  One way to do this is to avoid dealing with taxis and Ubers altogether by booking private transportation before your arrival in Cancun.   

@victorjuarez7797 taxis drivers in cancun holding uber drivers and riders hostage #cancun #taxis #uber ♬ Tú Eres una Celosa Yo No Soy Celosa – Ingrid Laien & Los del fino

Response From Taxi Driver’s Union  

The Andres Quintana Roo Taxi Driver’s Union, the main taxi driver’s union operating in Cancun, has also taken action to address the ongoing problem.  The leader of the union recently made sanctioned drivers undergo a training program to address their bad behavior and violations of union standards.  The program also focused on improving customer service, but still, the incidents continue to take place time and time again.   

The Most Recent Incident  

The most recent incident took place on Thursday, March 2nd outside of a Hotel Zone hotel, where the alleged victim said she was threatened by the taxi driver.  According to the Secretariat of Public Security, the police arrived and found both illegal illicit substances, as well as a firearm in the vehicle.  The firearm that was discovered is illegal for citizens to carry.


The Taxi Driver 

The taxi driver was not identified by a surname, but only as Luis Francisco N. and he is allegedly a member of the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Driver’s Union.  He was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office following his arrest, but so far, there is no information regarding the exact charges that he will face.  It is also unknown how the union is handling the situation or what kind of sanctions will be imposed on the driver.   

Cars, Taxis, and Shuttles Outside of Cancun International Airport

It’s important to note that there are good taxi drivers in Cancun that don’t get caught up in misconduct. It’s a case of a few ruining it for the many.  But, if you don’t want to take the chance of being put in an uncomfortable situation, there are plenty of other transportation options available. 

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