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Cancun Taxi Rates Not Expected To Increase This Winter High Season 

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The time is here: winter high season in the Mexican Caribbean, and with it, millions of tourists are ready to enjoy their long-awaited vacations in the sun!

Taxis and public transport services have been a hot topic these past few months, especially in Cancun, for several reasons.

With an ongoing feud between taxi drivers and Uber hopefully coming to an end, thanks to a new agreement between the two parties, tourists should be in no short supply of transport options this winter. 

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Transport In Cancun This Winter

Visitors have been told to expect normal pricing for taxi and public transport services during the holidays, according to information from the Institute of Mobility of Quintana Roo (Imoveqroo), with no taxi fare increase authorized officially by the drivers’ unions. 

The holidays are often a busy time in Cancun, with many Americans opting not to spend the season at home, where temperatures are more than likely colder and less enjoyable. 

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This means that services will expectedly be busier than ever in popular tourist hotspots, where the potential to be overcharged or even scammed in some instances could be high. 

While no driver’s union has any authorized increased rate, it is important to note that rates of transport vehicles could increase during some of the last days of the year if fewer drivers are working in the area during that time.

A representative from Uber stated that if there is more demand for taxi services during peak times, the more likely you will see rates increasing, but if the requests remain low, then so will the price. 

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They also highlighted that the Uber service from the center of Cancun to the airport usually costs around $60 USD, with drivers making the trip about 20 times a day. 

However, during the holidays, drivers make the trip around 30 times a day, meaning the price itself could fluctuate. 

What To Do

If that is giving you a bit of a headache already, then it is advised that you organize airport transfers ahead of schedule.

Busy Cancun Airport in December 2022

Many resorts and hotels already offer services for their guests, but if not, choosing a taxi from the specified terminal area is just as easy (though be ready to wait in a queue if there is overcrowding).

Anyone can request the rate from a taxi driver from the airport, and they must be able to provide you with the information and stick to the suggested price.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you are being overcharged for your service, you can make a complaint either to the taxi driver’s union or to Imoveqroo itself, where it can be escalated further. 

Taxi drivers are not allowed to excessively charge for their services, and can actually lead to them being fined thousands of pesos, or even suspended from their job. 

Cancun Taxi Driver Arguing in the Street

Taxi Drivers And Uber

Now that taxi drivers are joining the Uber app under a new agreement that was only signed over a week ago, the landscape of transport in Cancun is changing once more. 

If taxi drivers take on a request from the mobile application, they can adhere to the rates set by the app and not their respective unions, which could eventually lead to more drivers switching to Uber in the future. 

Uber rides are often known for being cheaper compared to more traditional taxi services, which had originally caused the initial upset between the two parties, who had felt there wasn’t a fair playing field when taking on jobs. 

This could mean that more competitive pricing could be introduced, which may work in favor of the tourist, who will have more options for travel at their fingertips and, potentially, cheaper deals!

This new agreement also means that visitors will feel less frightened about what mode of transport they can and can’t use in the busy areas. 

With reports of threats and violence happening throughout the year between the two parties, it was only a matter of time before officials took charge of the situation and gave everyone some peace of mind. 

Now, you can enjoy your winter vacation knowing that traveling either with Uber or traditional taxi services won’t break the bank this holiday season!

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