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Cancun Working To Become Second Formula 1 City In Mexico

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Cancun is set to become another Formula One grand pix hotspot worldwide. If it happens, Mexico will have a second stage in Cancun, which is set to be ready by 2025. 

The guy engineering the plan is a Mexican congressman, Antonio Pérez Garibay from Morena Party. He is known for being the father of the world-famous Mexican Formula 1 pilot Sergio Perez.

sergio perez in mexico city

The plan is to get the grand pix ready by 2025 and firm a straight contract with the hights of formula one commanders to have one race every year for five years, from 2025 to 2030. That would make Mexico a central location for racing worldwide, having two sizeable grand pix spots in the same country in the two most touristic destinations, pushing tourism revenue even further.

carlos perez celebrating

Right now, things are hovering around investments and financial funding for the millionaire project, which is set to cost from 400 to 600 million dollars for the whole stage. Also, some environmental studies are being made to reduce the human footprint, making it a green and environmentally friendly grand pix.

mexico crowd cheering

Some pieces of information about constructions like these are confidential, but according to Mr. Garibay, almost everything has been detailed and talked with the formula one president. Also, the location is already picked, and the runway is being discussed with the personnel. 

We are respecting the first project, there was a problem because one of the lines could touch one of the mangroves, now they are relocating so as not to have any problem. I have it all under control. If I start giving names (of the investors) they start making a series of comments. I am very reserved, I was already with the president of F1 and we are going to continue walking in this way.”

red bull racing cars

The already existing GP happens in Mexico City. After a long absence of 21 years, the Mexican GP is finally back, and it has been happening every year since 2015, bringing a considerable 8,400 million pesos infusion to the local economy.

The Cancun Grand Pix is not a recent idea. It has already been proposed in the past, but it hasn’t moved forward since. Now things look like it’s changing because Garibay has good connections to pull the strings to make it happen.

formula 1 racing cars

The first substantial linkage is being the father of one of the most famous pilots in formula one at the moment. Sergio Perez runs for one of the best cars (Red Bull) and is considered a hero in Mexico. Also, he has excellent connections with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexican president, which helps with the talking and funding for the project. And if all of this wasn’t enough, he also has good tights with the Quintana Roo governor Carlos Manuel Joaquín González.

mexico fans watching formula 1

Mr. Garibay is optimistic about the construction of this new site. He promised the president of formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, to make it “the best grand pix in the world and in history.” Indeed things are looking good for this grand pix to happen, as Cancun is already an international hotspot for tourism, making it an even more sumptuous destination for multiple tastes, from sandy and dreamy beaches to sports, partying, family trips and awesome gigs and music festivals.

red bull formula 1 car

Cancun is a world of possibilities and many surprises. A new grand pix would make an already fantastic destination the scenery for a global, dynamic, and spectacular event, bringing much joy to the many tourists that are constantly visiting the incredible Yucatan Peninsula.

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