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Five People Arrested In Merida For Violent Robbery In Cancun

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The Group Are Suspected Of Robbing A Man Of More Than 300 Thousand Pesos

Five individuals have been arrested in Merida after being suspected of a string of crimes in Cancun. Between them, the charges are violent robbery, drug dealing, aggression towards police, and possession of drugs.

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The five were arrested in Merida during a police operation targeting three of the potential criminals. When the police intercepted their vehicle, another car pulled up with the two other suspects and attempted to interfere with the police.

The incident saw all five arrested after drugs were found in the vehicle and upon processing at the station, a link was established between the group and a number of crimes in the Cancun area. The five, two women and three men, were attached to drug distribution in Cancun. 


However, an armed robbery that took place on the 14th of February where an individual was robbed at gunpoint outside of their Cancun home has also been linked to the group. The victim had just withdrawn 300 thousand pesos ($14,764) from a local bank. Several moments after returning home, the thief knocked on the door and threatened the victim with a firearm. They handed over the full amount of cash before the criminal fled the scene.  The robbery took place only 150 yards from the Ministry of Public Security.

At this point, it is unclear if all five of the group arrested were involved with the robbery, but the first vehicle was found to have cannabis and methamphetamine. The authorities in Cancun have been notified so as for a cooperative investigation to take place.

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The arrest is good news for Cancun which, despite the shocking nature of the crimes, is showing that the police is capable of combatting crime effectively.

Cancun and Quintana Roo as a whole have come under scrutiny in the past few months as a number of incidents involving organized crime have grabbed international headlines. The reputation of the region is often at stake in these situations and the local government is doing what it can to help fight this notion.

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The vast majority of these types of incidents never involve tourists. One event in 2021 saw the tragic death of two visitors who were caught in the crossfire between members of opposing gangs, but those who are hoping to travel to Cancun should understand that is a rare exception and not the rule. Statistically speaking, visitors to Cancun are safer than tourists in major destinations like Paris or Las Vegas, where violent crimes against tourists are far higher.

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Petty theft and robbery are always a threat in tourist reliant locations, but common sense and careful planning can usually prevail in these situations. Avoiding flashing too much money, or showing fancy jewelry outside of the resorts should be top of the list. Any amount of attention drawn to valuables or money increases the risk of an incident.

Avoiding drug use when visiting should be a given, especially as the majority of incidents involving tourists have usually stemmed from involvement with narcotics, whether buying, selling, or taking them. Putting themselves within the proximity of criminals leaves them at the mercy of the situation.

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It is good news though that at least five potential offenders have been arrested, helping make Cancun that bit safer for everyone.

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As the economic recovery continues, Cancun seeks to remain at the very top of the world’s best tourist destinations. The government understands that safety plays a huge part in a destination’s attraction and will continue to implement projects to help counteract any potential dangers for those choosing to travel to Quintana Roo.

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