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Governor Asks Locals To Ensure Cancun Tourists Are Not Over-Charged

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Quintana Roo Governor Pleads With Local Businesses To Treat 1.2 Million Easter Visitors Well

The Governor of Quintana Roo has called upon every citizen in Quintana Roo to help ensure that the massive surge of visitors is well looked after over the Easter Period. In particular, he ask that visitors are treated with hospitality, receive excellent services, and are not overcharged.

street vendor

Speaking to the state in one of his weekly videos messages, Carlos Joaquin began by listing some of the impressive statistics Cancun and the rest of the state are garnering as the week of Easter approaches. It’s estimated that over a million tourists will be passing through the state, with Cancun welcoming a significant portion of those.

The Cancun International Airport is approaching record numbers and is expected to break those records in the coming weeks It’s regularly seeing over five hundred operations a day and welcoming planes from all over the world.

carlos joaquin
Image: Quintana Roo Government Communications

He also spoke of many hotels nearing full occupancy, with many already at 90% in the most popular areas. This is great news for the hotels of Cancun and Quintana Roo after weeks of spending the first two months of the year under occupancy limits due to the spread of Omicron.

With these figures in mind, the President highlighted three main wishes for the locals to work with for the visitors.

He said, 

“Take care of them first. Take care of them, take care of them when they are here, their safety is very important, that they can return home safely. Second, that they can travel and move in an agile way within each of the different destinations and even between the various destinations so that they can reach their tours, the products they have contracted or bought and that also mean income for the families of Quintana Roo. And third, that there are no overprices, that they are not overcharged and that there is quality in the product of what they have contracted or bought. These things will allow us to give them better attention, to take care of them and allow them to become the best promoters of tourism in our state.”

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In particular, the overpricing issue will be of note for tourists. Major tourist spots around the world are notorious for upping prices on the spot for unwitting visitors. Prices may still seem low compared to what they are used to but are often doubled or even tripled from the actual rate. This has often applied to taxi drivers, vendors, and even some restaurants.

market stalls

Joaquin openly addressing the issues is a good sign for tourists to the areas. Helping to foster an atmosphere of trust between the local tourism industry and the tourists themselves helps set up the relationship for the future.

Cancun has several problems to overcome to help define itself permanently as a world-class destination, but setting itself up in this manner could pay great dividends down the line. Calling it a “crusade”, the Governor talked of it helping the local economy in the long run.

airport shot

“That our tourism product is recognized and that they can speak well of Quintana Roo, that will undoubtedly be very important to continue creating jobs, to continue generating income, to continue attracting investment, it is essential.”

It’s hoped that the local businesses will heed the call of the Governor and new tourists to the area will not be taken advantage of, allowing them to enjoy their time in Quintana Roo to the fullest.

tourist street

He then continued on to express frustration at the high levels of sargassum and how inconvenient weather is exacerbating the situation, as well as the issues of security in the region.

Those hoping to visit Cancun and Quintana Roo over the Easter period should anticipate large crowds, and ensure that any activities or restaurants are booked well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

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