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Human Remains Found In Cancun Hotel Zone

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Human remains literally washed up on the shore of the Cancun hotel zone beachfront. Tourists in the water were the first to notice the body fragments. They in turn alerted the lifeguards on duty. Upon their arrival the lifeguards realized that there was nothing they could do. In fact, initial reports indicate that only the spinal cord and the pelvis washed up on the beach. Local lifeguards alerted the authorities who showed up on the scene. 

Tourists on beach

At the time of writing, the identity of the person who washed up on the beach has not been confirmed. Although, it has been speculated that the remains may belong to the Paraguayan tourist who went missing a couple of weeks back. Local and state authorities arrived at the beach and closed off the area where the remains were found. Local marine forces also arrived at the beach all waited for the coroner to show up. The remains were then taken to local SEMEFO facilities where the efforts to identify the body will be made.

Life Guard Supplies On Beach

Search Efforts Continue For The Lost Paraguayan Tourist 

Speculation has grown over whether the remains found were those of the Paraguayan tourist. The man was least seen in Playa Delfines. The remains showed up in Playa Gaviota azul. Both of these beaches are essentially part of the hotel zone beachfront. Gaviota azul beach, though, is about 6 miles north of the original spot where this man was last seen. 

Paraguayan Tourist Search

Staff from the Paraguayan embassy will potentially escort the mother of the lost tourist to the SEMEFO facilities. She arrived in Cancun to monitor the search and rescue operation a few days back. Since the remains may not be identified via the naked eye the process could take some time.

Paraguay Diplomants Are Currently In Cancun

A Massive Scare For Tourists At The Beach

Finding human remains at your hotel beachfront on your Easter vacation was potentially not something that tourists had in mind. As we mentioned before part of the beach was closed off as authorities went through the procedure of removing the remains from the beach. The coroner, though, apparently was able to complete the process rather quickly. Retrieving the remains from the beach before a larger spectacle could develop. 

Tourists Were First On The Scene

Around midday local time the hotel zone beach was as busy as ever. What did seem to change a bit, was the number of Marine officers that roamed local beaches. Even after the body was removed some of these marine officers remained. Local businessmen and women that own some of the spots around this beach area had actually just made a plea to local authorities to increase the number of law enforcement staff present at major tourist spots. It would seem this unfortunate circumstance has forced local authorities to comply with these wishes.

Mexican Navy Staff

The Incident Will Not Affect Regular Activities At The Hotel Zone Beach                        

Again, it would seem that just minutes after the remains were found, the beach was back to normal. With only a limited area being closed off to tourists. Later that area was also reopened. At this point, there’s no indication that this unfortunate incident will end up derailing activities at local beaches.

Cancun Beaches Will Still Welcome Tourists

What may derail activities at local beaches though is the persistent rain. Rain is scheduled to appear in and around the Cancun area pretty much for the remainder of the week. With light showers showing up throughout the day. At this point there has been no word from the harbor master as to whether the rain may affect nautical activities in the region. The rain on land is reportedly going to be rather light. However, that type of rain could still lead to choppy water around Cancun shores. Which would in turn lead to nautical activity being suspended in the region. 

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Friday 18th of March 2022

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