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Masks Are No Longer Required In Cancun

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Last Of The Pandemic Era Restrictions Disappear in Quintana Roo

The mandatory use of face masks in public places has been removed in Cancun and Quintana Roo as of May 10th. The announcement marks the removal of the last of the pandemic era restrictions placed upon the state.

people waiting in line with masks on

Speaking in one of his weekly addresses, Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin spoke of the stable COVID situation in the state, evident in the now permanent green epidemiological traffic light designation.

The state had previously removed the mandatory use of masks outdoors, choosing to keep the rules for indoor spaces and public transport throughout the busy easter season when the region was vulnerable to another spike in COVID. It should be noted that although mask-wearing is now voluntary, it is still recommended in places where ventilation is poor and on buses, trains, taxis, and other modes of public transport.

carlos joaquin

The move puts Cancun in line with many countries which have already dropped the use of masks including the US, UK, Argentina, Denmark, and Germany, marking yet another milestone in Cancun’s and the world’s progression away from COVID.

Joaquin did stress however that the rules could be put back in place if necessary. A sudden surge in infections or a new strain that causes more problems could validate a return to some of the old protocols.

two people in airport wearing masks

Joaquin stated, “If at any time, for any reason, due to epidemiological conditions, it is necessary to apply again the sanitary measure that we have observed during the last two years, we will keep the entire population informed.”

The news will be welcomed by tourists and the industry alike. Despite many visitors believing that Mexico as a whole showed no regard for the pandemic, the general public in the country has been careful to follow the rules in place. The country never closed its borders in the same manner that most of the world did, but that did not mean there were no sanitary measures in place.

In fact, the measures have cut significantly into many businesses’ profit margins. Along with the constant sargassum problem, hotels and restaurants have been forced to invest heavily in sanitary measures, whether that was masks, added cleanings, reduced capacity, more job-specific employees, and other COVID-related investments.

pier with masks on

Although many of those may linger for the time being for the sake of guests’ peace of mind, the considerable costs are likely to fall steadily.

public bus with masks on

The busy Easter season has now passed with no major surges despite the presence of the fast-spreading BA.2 variant in the US. Regardless of what happens, it seems unlikely that many countries, including Mexico, will revert back to pandemic era rules. Europe, in particular, seems to be assuredly moving on, evident in the announcement of major restriction-free events returning, like Germany’s Oktoberfest and Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival.

beachgoers with masks on

Those traveling from the US are still required to take a COVID test before returning home- something hundreds of companies in the country are pressuring the government to change. The main problem now is not the test, but the fear of a positive test stranding them in a foreign country. Critics point out that most of Europe have done away with all similar rules. Many Americans are choosing not to travel until this test requirement is dropped.

two women with masks on

Those intending to travel to Cancun in the near future should keep abreast of any significant changes in the infection rate in the region as well in their home country. Any new developments will be announced promptly by the government and will allow tourists to make any decisions necessary and plan their trip accordingly.

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