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Mexican Caribbean Cracking Down On Fake Travel Agencies To Protect Tourists 

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In any popular tourist destination, you’re going to find scam artists waiting to defraud unsuspecting tourists.   

The Mexican Caribbean is no exception, and one of the most common scams for tourists to watch out for are phony travel agencies.   

Since these crimes are on the rise, the Mexican Caribbean is cracking down on these fake travel agencies to protect tourists.   

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What Is A “Fake” Travel Agency? 

The Mexican Caribbean is not the only destination where fake travel agencies exist.   

They are actually common in many popular vacation destinations.   

A fake travel agency consists of a group or individual that presents as a travel agency, offers you a travel package, and then scams you out of your hard-earned vacation money.   

When it comes time to travel, they disappear, and travelers are left with no reservations.   

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How To Spot A Fake Travel Agency 

The easiest way to spot a fake travel agency is to follow one main rule of thumb.   

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Often fake travel agencies will offer irresistible “travel deals” to entice tourists.   

According to the Association of Vacation Clubs of Quintana Roo, around 70 percent of the time, these scam artists utilize social media sites to advertise their fake travel packages.   


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How To Avoid Falling Victim To A Fake Travel Agency 

If you’re ever interested in a travel deal you find online, you should verify whoever you’re buying it from.   

Whether it means reading reviews, contacting the company directly, or Googling the company’s background.   

Be sure that the company is legitimate before forking over any money for vacation-related items.   

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What Mexican Caribbean Authorities Are Doing To Protect Tourists 

In the past, authorities implemented a campaign that urged travelers to verify travel companies before dealing with them.   

They also set out to identify such “companies” and were even successful in shutting some of them down.   

The plan is to launch a similar operation to protect tourists now that this type of crime is on the rise again.   

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What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed By A Fake Travel Agency 

You should always report these types of crimes to authorities.   

It helps them locate the perpetrators and stop them from defrauding travelers.   

Save any messages or other information regarding any contact you have with travel agencies that you are dealing with.   

It could come in handy in the unfortunate case that you are scammed by a fake agency.   

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How Other Travelers Can Help You Avoid Fake Travel Agencies 

One of the best ways to find out the legitimacy of a travel agency is to find other satisfied customers.   

While people may not provide as many good reviews as they do bad ones, the bad reviews can be just as telling.   

Although some do need to be taken with a grain of salt, a long history of negative reviews and complaints is the first indication that something might not be quite right.   

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Safest Ways To Book Your Travel 

Fortunately, there are plenty of safer ways to book travel that don’t involve fictitious companies offering unbelievable deals on social media.   

If you really want to work with a travel agency, you can find a local company or search for a registered company in Mexico. You can ask a friend to refer you to a trusted agent, or you can book through an OTA or Online Travel Agent, like   

You can also book each portion of your trip directly through the airline or hotel.   

This is the safest way to book your vacation, and if you book as a package, you might be surprised by how much you can save.   

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