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New Cancun Airport Equipment Greatly Reducing Check-In Times For Tourists 

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Cancun International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Mexico due to the huge popularity of both Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean as a whole.   

Last year more than 30 million passengers were serviced by the airport, and more than half of those passengers were international travelers.   

Fortunately for the millions who pass through the airport each month, new Cancun airport equipment is greatly reducing check-in times for tourists.   

Terminal 4 Sign at Cancun International Airport

Visitors Departing From Cancun Airport 

With this new equipment, which are electronic check-in machines, tourists departing from Cancun no longer have to wait in long lines.   

Instead, travelers are now able to walk up to a machine and scan their own passports and boarding passes before proceeding to the biometric checkpoint, so not only are arrivals quicker now but departures too.   

This process reduces what used to be up to two-hour wait times to as little as less than a minute.  The check-in process will be even quicker for passengers who don’t have checked bags, as they can skip the check-in counter altogether.

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Modern Equipment For A Modern Airport 

Cancun International Airport is a modern airport with modern amenities for travelers arriving and departing at the airport.   

The airport itself officially opened back in 1974, but its newest terminal, Terminal 4, was only constructed about six years ago, opening for operation in 2017.   

It is in this terminal, which mainly serves international tourists, that the new airport check-in equipment was installed.

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Cancun Airport Terminals 

There are four different airport terminals at Cancun Airport, one that is strictly for private flights, one that is for both domestic and international flights, and two that are typically just for international arrivals.   

Terminals 3 and 4 are the ones American travelers will most likely arrive at.   

Terminal 4 is the newest and serves many U.S. airlines, but Terminal 3 is the main international arrival terminal. 

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Cancun Airport Departure Tips 

To make the process of getting through the airport for departure even quicker there are a couple of things that you can do.   

First off is making sure that you have your documents, including your boarding pass, readily available when it comes time to check in.   

The second is to make sure that you do not have any forbidden items so you don’t get held up by security after you have checked in.

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When To Arrive At Cancun Airport For Departure 

Following procedures for departing from Cancun Airport is just as important as arriving.   

You’ll want to get to the airport with plenty of time to get through security, so it’s suggested that you arrive at least three hours before departure.   

Booking your airport transportation in advance will help ensure that you get to the airport on time.   

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How To Spend Your Time Waiting At Cancun Airport  

Cancun Airport is a modern airport with modern amenities, so having to arrive early isn’t so bad because there is plenty to keep you busy while waiting for departure.   

There are numerous restaurants, both casual and sit-down, and plenty of shops, and duty-free stores if you want to take home some souvenirs of your Cancun vacation.   

One of the best ways to spend your time waiting at Cancun Airport, though, is relaxing in one of the airport lounges, which run about $30 for access unless you have a credit card that provides free access.   

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Cancun Airport Transportation 

It’s best to book your arrival and departure transportation in advance so that you know your driver will be there when you’re ready, and so that you know exactly what you’re paying.   

Semi-private shuttle transportation starts at around $12 each way and private transportation starts at around $35 each way.   

Booking in advance will make starting and ending your Cancun vacation as easy as going through the new immigration machines at Cancun Airport.

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