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New Tourist Route Near Cancun Will Feature Gorgeous Hidden Gems For Travelers To Discover 

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While there has been some controversy surrounding the new Maya Train project, which is set to begin its inaugural route on December 15th, one huge plus is the opening of doors to parts of Quintana Roo that were once much harder to reach.

aerial view of boat traveling over turqouise water in the mexican caribbean

Previously, the only way to visit specific tourist sites from your hotel would be to hire a private car or organize transport via specific bus routes. 

However, the costs of doing so would begin to increase and would also perturb any tourist from choosing to travel too far away from their base. 

Now, the Maya Train is set to become the gateway to the entire region, unlocking new and hidden gems for tourists and locals alike in order to share just how beautiful the Mexican Caribbean is. 

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Governor Mara Lezama announced that the “Tourism Route Beyond The Sun”, will become part of Section Four of the Mayan Train, taking tourists through the luscious nature of northern Quintana Roo as it passes through towns such as Pacchen, Nuevo Xcán, El Cedar, and Chiquilá, among many more. 

Not only is this new route expected to expand the horizons of tourists looking to see another side of the Mexican Caribbean, but it will also boost the local economy and lives of the people who live there. 

In addition, both environmental and archaeological sites that have once been left undisturbed and forgotten will become “rescued”, so that visitors can continue to enjoy the alternative ecotourism that the region can offer.

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While places like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum remain the most popular hotspots in the Mexican Caribbean, the Maya Train is going to allow for once harder-to-reach places to take the title.

With respectable pricing and the ability to visit far away, hidden places, only to return the same day, tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the more stereotypical vacation areas will now have a huge advantage.

Here are some of the hidden gems that will be included in the new “Tourism Route Beyond The Sun”, that you will not want to miss!

the new maya train tracks in the Mexican caribbean

Jaguar Lagoon, Pacchen

Inside the jungle, a small village that continues to preserve its historic Mayan past will be one of the places you can visit via the Maya Train. 

With a community dedicated to keeping its past alive, with Maya culture having its origin around 2000 BC, you will be transported back to the period with stories from the people who now live there. 

You are able to zip-line or canoe over its popular lagoon, as well as visit the beautiful Cenote Jaguar; a name that originates from the entry of light through holes under the water that create the resemblance of the skin of a jaguar. 

If you are a fan of adventure but also want to dive head-first into the incredible history of the Mayan People, you definitely need to add this one to your bucket list; the community will be happy to have you.

tourist experiencing ancient Maya ruins

Nuevo Xcán 

Here is another outstanding environmental attraction that spans over 50,000 acres of land as part of a nature reserve. 

Known to be a location where Ancient Mayans performed religious rituals, this incredible area goes deep underground, creating vaults full of channels and crystalline riverways that are perfect for a dip to cool off from the afternoon sun. 

All perfectly made and preserved by Mother Nature, this place is for people looking to tap into their spiritual side and spend some time meditating near a cenote, just as the ancient Mayans would have done thousands of years ago. 

people swimming in a cenote


If you are a foodie, perhaps you might want to stop off at Chiquila, as it is set to become a gastronomic hub for those wanting to taste the tradition of the Mexican Caribbean in a unique way. 

This place is a quiet fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico’s shores and also acts as the port gateway to Isla Holbox. 

Here you will experience traditional favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with enchiladas, mole, and Chile Verde pork on the menu, as well as fresh fish and ceviche due to it being a fishing village. 

Soon to be an upcoming gastronomic and artisan center, why not check it out before everybody else?

fresh Mexican fish dish at restaurant

The Maya Train hopes to enrich the lives of everyone around it, both tourists and locals alike, and with new, hidden gems added to the routes, the incredible piece of infrastructure will be able to highlight the unique landscapes and incredible biodiversity that the region has to offer. 

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