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Cancun Continues To See A Drop In Active COVID Cases

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The fact that the Cancun area, along with the entire state of Quintana Roo, has returned to a green light as far as pandemic-related restrictions go, was not an unfounded decision. The state has actually seen a drastic drop in the number of active COVID cases in the last couple of weeks. With COVID-related deaths thankfully, staying in the single digits per day for most of the year. Even throughout the Omicron surge that hit the state in mid to late January, and bled a bit into February.

COVID Testing on Beach Front

Local and federal authorities seem to be really pleased with the numbers. With local officials mentioning that the Riviera Maya region is on its way to being rid of COVID. What does this mean for local restrictions?

At this point, the green light which, virtually removes all of the COVID-related restrictions from the state, will remain active until this Sunday. From there, local authorities are due to reassess the situation and announce what restrictions, if any, need to be put in place for the following week. A quick glance at the current COVID numbers would seem to indicate that restrictions will remain at a minimum for at least the next week.

green light

What Type of COVID Related Restrictions Can Travelers Expect to See In This Area?

As was mentioned before the green light indicator virtually removes all COVID-related restrictions in the area. This means that bars, restaurants, and other popular tourist activities are going to be operating at full capacity, until at least until the end of this week, and potentially beyond. There are still certain recommendations that local authorities have made with regard to mask-wearing, particularly indoors.

Social distancing is still in effect

The governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González, addressed the current COVID related restrictions in the state. Saying that certain recommendations essentially still apply. He urged people to continue wearing masks while indoors and making sure to keep an adequate distance from others. The last bit of advice revolved around ignoring large crowds. That would potentially seem the hardest bit of advice to follow. Seeing as how people are dealing with crowds since their point of arrival. The governor mentioned this about the decision to lift most COVID restrictions.

busy airport

“Due to the reduction in the number of infections, and the intense vaccination rounds, we’ve decided on the light change (lifting restrictions). Certain protocols, though, will continue like the use of masks, keeping a safe distance, and avoiding large gatherings. We shouldn’t let our guard down.”

Avoid large crowds

There Will Be No Vaccine Mandate For Workers In The Tourism Sector

At this point in time, there will be no vaccine mandate imposed on the workers of the tourism industry. At least not enforced by local or state lawmakers. There are however, certain hotel chains, and other establishments that have instituted a vaccine mandate for their employees. Local authorities are, however, looking to make the vaccination process more accessible for folks in the tourism industry.

No Vaccine Mandate For Tourism Workers

The idea is to set up vaccination spots near, or literally within the hotel district. With reasonable hours to make sure that people working in the tourism industry can head over to get vaccinated. The Hotel’s association president recognized the fact that many people working in the tourism industry had not been vaccinated. This was mainly due to the fact that their working hours didn’t necessarily match up well with the hours of operation at vaccination spots.

Vaccination Spots to be made available in Cancun

That’s why in conjunction with local authorities, hotels are pushing to open these vaccination spots for workers. There’s no word currently on if tourists themselves will be able to head over to these vaccination spots to get their booster shots. Tourism sector workers over 40 will be able to head over to these spots to get vaccinated starting next weekend.

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