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Recent Accident Leads Cancun Officials To Put Additional Surveillance On Area Beaches 

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Safety is important when visiting the beaches in Cancun, and all beachgoers should take certain safety measures.   

Lifeguards are there in case of an emergency, but prevention is key to staying safe when visiting any beach.   

Sometimes accidents happen, though, and a recent accident in Cancun has prompted officials to put additional surveillance on beaches.   

Beach Patrol To Keep Tourists Safe

More Surveillance = Safer Beaches 

Before the busy spring break season started, Cancun officials trained additional lifeguards to safeguard the area’s beaches.   

Now, in light of a recent drowning accident, they are also enhancing surveillance of the beaches.   

Additional civil protection staff will be stationed on the beaches to be on the lookout for dangerous conditions and situations and to respond to accidents that might occur.   

National Guard A Beach In Cancun

How To Avoid Beach Accidents 

We all know that accidents can happen, but accidents can also often be avoided.   

Often, all it takes is following beach safety guidelines.   

Not swimming under the influence of alcohol, not going out too far, keeping a close eye on children, and swimming near a lifeguard are all steps you can take to make your beach experience safer. 

Tourists Sitting Around a Lifeguard Station in Cancun, Mexico

When Beaches Go From Safe To Unsafe 

It’s also important to pay attention to water conditions when visiting the beaches of Cancun.   

Typically the Mexican Caribbean has calm waters, but that can change quickly due to weather conditions and other factors.   

Certain conditions can produce larger waves and unpredictable currents that make the water dangerous.   

Playa Delfines Strong Waves with Tourists Walking Along the Beach

Understanding Beach Warning Flags 

One way to tell what the current beach conditions are like is by looking for the beach warning flags that are posted on Cancun’s beaches.   

The different colored flags are somewhat universal, so you may recognize them from other beaches you’ve visited.   

The meaning of each flag is as follows: 

  • Green – Safe For Swimming 
  • Yellow – Use Extreme Caution 
  • Red – Not Safe For Swimming 
  • Black – Beach And Water Are Unsafe 
  • White – Dangerous Marine Life Present  
red flag on cancun beach

When Not To Go To The Beach 

In addition to avoiding Cancun’s beaches when there is a red or black flag present, there are some other times when the beaches might not be safe.   

During inclement weather, there’s the added risk of lightning being possible, which adds to the dangers.   

Bad weather can also change the conditions of the water, making them switch from safe to dangerous very quickly. 

Cancun Beach on a Stormy Day

Best Beaches In Cancun 

Cancun is full of beautiful beaches, and each can have different conditions at any given time due to its characteristics and location.   

If one beach is dangerous, another one might not be.   

Some of the best beaches in Cancun are: 

  • Playa Delfines  
  • Playa Chac Mool  
  • Playa Tortugas  
  • Playa Langosta   
  • Playa Caracol 
cancun playa delfines beach busy

What To Do When The Beaches Are Unsafe 

Fortunately, when the beaches in Cancun are not safe for swimming, there is no shortage of things to do.   

There are even several options for cooling off on a hot day when the beaches are closed.   

There are many luxury all-inclusives in Cancun, and they all have several pools to cool off in. Cenotes are a great option when you can’t swim at the area’s beaches.   

If taking a dip isn’t a necessity, you can always visit Mayan ruins or the numerous Magic Towns in the region, spend the day at a water park, or take a tour.   

One thing is for sure: there is no shortage of amazing things to do when visiting Cancun. 

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