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Shooting In Central Tulum Bar Being Investigated After Aggressors Escape 

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Despite the constant efforts of the government and authorities in Mexican Caribbean tourist destinations like Tulum, some crime does still occur. 

The most recent incident is a shooting that took place in a central Tulum bar and is now being investigated after the escape of the aggressors. 

The shooting, which took place just before midnight on Saturday, March 11, left one person injured and one dead.   

Empty Street in Tulum, Mexico

The Location Of The Shooting 

One thing that’s concerning about the location of the shooting is that it took place in a popular bar and restaurant in the center of Tulum, an area only a couple of miles from the beach. 

While the area is more frequented by locals, the restaurant, Satellite 307, is popular among tourists and locals alike. 

On Fridays and Saturdays, they feature salsa dancing, so it’s very likely that it was pretty busy the night of the shooting. 

Quiet Street in Tulum

The Shooting 

According to reports, the incident began when two armed men entered Satellite 307 and aimed and shot at two men inside. 

The injured man was taken to the hospital following the shooting, but the other man died instantly. 

The shooters were not arrested, and there is no information on how they got away or if there is any indication of who they are or where they might have gone. 

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Police Vehicle in the Mexican Caribbean

Violence In Tulum 

While violence doesn’t occur on a daily basis in Tulum, it’s not completely rare to see incidents like this take place. 

Much of the violence involves rival drug dealers who fight to occupy popular tourist areas with profitable markets. 

The extortion of business owners is the other major cause of crime in places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and even Cancun. 

Deserted Street In Tulum Centro

Past Violent Incidents  

This most recent incident isn’t even the first one in Tulum this year, as two people were shot and killed on a street in the city just in February, although it was in a neighborhood, not a tourist area. 

Also in February, a fight at a local hostel led to the deaths of two individuals, one killed while fleeing and one thought to be killed by a rival drug dealer. 

And last October, one man was injured and two killed after a shooting took place at a popular restaurant near the Tulum Hotel Zone.   

tourist police mexico

Is Tulum Safe 

Despite the occasional acts of violence that take place typically between rival criminals, though, Tulum is a safe place to visit. 

The important thing is to take a few safety precautions like you would when visiting anywhere else in the world. 

Don’t walk alone at night, stay in the tourist areas, and don’t get involved with drug dealers, and it is almost certain that you will not become a victim of a crime in Tulum. 

A small police vehicle in Mexico with palm trees.

Who Visits Tulum 

Tulum, which is about 80 miles from Cancun, is hugely popular among foreign travelers, particularly those from the United States. 

In fact, last year, around 70 percent of the approximately 2 million tourists who visited Tulum were American. 

And Tulum is a major digital nomad destination, a trend that began to grow exponentially during the Covid-19 pandemic.   

tulum bars

Security In Tulum 

Security in Tulum is a constant presence, often in the form of the military and tourist police, especially on the beaches and in other tourist areas. 

And although it may be disconcerting to see military officers patrolling the streets and beaches of the idyllic tourist destination, they do deter crime from happening in these areas. 

The added security is just a way to ensure that crimes like these don’t happen more often and everyone can have a safe vacation.

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