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These 3 New Projects Will Help Solve Transportation Problems In Cancun 

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There are some major transportation issues in Cancun but three projects currently in the works will help solve those issues. Recently a request was made by the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation for funds to move forward with these projects. Each of the three projects will address a different problem within the transportations system in Cancun. 

Relieve Congestion in the Hotel Zone

The construction of the Nichupté Bridge, which would cross over the Nichupté lagoon system, is the most expensive of the three projects but a very important one. The bridge would relieve some of the congestion within the Cancun Hotel Zone by diverting some of the traffic from the busy Kukulcán Avenue. This area sees more than 50,000 vehicles pass through every day. Recent studies have shown that this congestion problem not only makes it difficult to get from the hotel zone to other areas of the city but also slows down traffic considerably. For tourists it causes long wait times for public transportation and for locals, it seriously extends travel times from the hotel zone. The Nichupté Bridge project is estimated to cost more than 275 million dollars.  

Rehabilitate Colosio Boulevard

The Colosio Boulevard section of 307 is the road that leads into Cancun and there are some significant traffic issues in this area as well. In this section of the highway, it is difficult for drivers to maintain a consistent speed due to the deterioration of the road. Being that it is the main connection between the cities of Cancun and Chetumal, it is important to make it efficient for travelers. The proposed project would address the deformation and cracking in the road as well as lighting issues. Rehabilitating Colosio Boulevard would cost an estimated 53 million dollars.

Connect Highway 307 and Avenida Huayacán

The final project would connect highway 307 and Avenida Huayacán. This would ease travel issues along this route and would be the least expensive of the three projects. It would be the least significant as well, but the cost still comes in at an estimated 11 million dollars, according to the request for funds that was submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

Recently tourists were asked what complaints they have when visiting Cancun and eight out of ten responded that public transportation issues were their main complaint. Often times tourists can expect to wait 40 minutes or more when requesting a taxi. This is due to the slow-moving traffic caused by issues like congestion and deteriorated roadways. While addressing these issues was able to be put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, tourism is once again booming and solving these problems cannot wait any longer. 

Nighttime Busy Street in Cancun

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communication and Transportation submitted a request to the Ministry of Finance for nearly 350 million dollars in total. This would provide the funds to build the Nichupté Bridge, perform the necessary repairs to Colosio Boulevard and connect Highway 307 to Avenida Huayacán. When completed, many of the transportation issues in the city of Cancun would be fixed, making it easy for visitors and locals to maneuver through the city.

Traffic on Cancun Roads

It is important to note that prior to beginning the construction of the Nichupté Bridge the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources will be evaluating the ecological impact the bridge will have on the area. The evaluation will be completed by May 9 and will determine if this project can definitely move forward. 

The rise in both population and tourism in Cancun has brought these issues with the transportation system to the forefront. These three projects would address many of these issues and make traveling in Cancun much easier for everyone.

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