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These Are The 3 Cancun Beaches Most Affected By Trash Right Now

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The state of beaches in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean is a hot topic among environmental experts as more travelers continue to flock to the popular region. 

aerial view of a white sand beach in cancun

A new report reveals that several of Cancun’s most popular beaches are seeing more trash and other waste left behind by travelers despite new efforts to shore up environmental regulations. 

By far the most visited resort destination in Mexico, Cancun is famous for its white-sand beaches, which are usually in excellent condition. 

Sargassum cleaning vehicle in Playa Forum, Cancun

But as travel numbers continue to soar, there is mounting concern over the effect of mass travel on the city’s beaches, with complaints of littering on the rise.

With that in mind, here’s a summary of the three Cancun beaches most affected by trash this spring.

Up To 300 Kilograms Of Trash Collected From Cancun Beaches In A Single Day As Travel Numbers Soar

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean just wrapped up the busiest Easter season on record, with well over a million travelers flocking to the coastal region.

Scenes of packed beaches and fully sold out resorts were reported in numerous hotspots, including Cancun, where occupancy rates skyrocketed to over 90%.

Cancun hotel zone beach with sargassum seaweed

And with most travelers spending at least a few hours enjoying the city’s stunning beaches, officials have started picking up more and more trash left behind by travelers.

A new report published by Snorkeling 4 Trash, a local non-profit organization, reveals that Cancun’s beaches are increasingly dirty.

According to the entity, which is largely run by volunteers with a background in environmental sciences, paper wrappingsplastic bottles, and aluminum cans are being collected from Cancun beaches in growing numbers. 

a clean white sand beach in cancun

Snorkeling 4 Trash regularly organizes campaigns to clean Cancun’s beaches from unwanted trash. In the latest effort, the organization reported collecting over 300 kilograms of plastic waste from the city’s beaches in a single day. 

While trash can be found in varying amounts across the city, beaches close to Cancun’s hotel zone are most affected by skyrocketing arrival figures, even as officials continue to push for stronger environmental regulations. 

aerial view of a white sand beach with water in cancun

Playa DelfinesTortugas, and Langosta are especially vulnerable to the effects of mass tourism, with each one welcoming up to several thousand travelers per day. 

As Cancun continues to soar in popularity with travelers, officials are reminding visitors to behave responsibly when enjoying the city’s pristine nature.

In that regard, one of the most effective ways to help protect Cancun’s beaches is to collect all plastic & metal waste into a bag, making sure to recycle them after a day at the beach. 

Even seemingly small objects – like bottle caps, straws, and plastic wrappers – can damage Cancun’s delicate ecosystem. 

Tourists Standing in Sargassum On a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Earlier this year, officials declared one of Cancun’s most popular beaches, Playa Delfines, a protected natural area. The decision introduced strict rules concerning how the beach can be used. 

Home to over 10% of all plant and animal species in the Mexican Caribbean, Playa Delfines is an example of Cancun’s commitment to protecting local beaches, even as travel numbers continue to grow.

small pieces of plastic on a cancun beach

This summer, Cancun is gearing up for even more arrivals thanks to the launching of the Maya Train system.

The city currently has a contingent of over 150 beach cleaners who ensure the city’s white-sand coastline remains in excellent condition. 

In addition to cleaning up sargassum seaweed, another type of naturally-formed pollution, they help minimize growing amounts of plastic and metal waste.

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