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These Are The Top Reasons Cancun Vacation Packages Are Trending With Travelers Right Now

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More and more travelers are opting for vacation packages that include transportation when planning their Cancun getaways.

aerial view of cancun hotel zone

Transport-included packages take the hassle out of getting from the airport to beach resorts and help tourists avoid conflicts with or between taxis.

Claudia Herrera, director of Sourcing Non-Air for Take-Off Mexico, says they have seen a 41% increase in reserved transportation to hotels.

“There is a trend of growth in complete travel reservations. First was hotel and flight, and now more services are being added to the purchase (hotel + flight + activities + transportation),” said Herrera.

“This should result in savings over 30% in the overall trip cost when one gets all services in the same purchase, and counting on all the services before leaving brings peace of mind to travelers.”

Travelers walking out of Cancun airport towards ground transportation

Though travelers can save 30% compared to buying the same services separately, many travelers find cheap services in the Riviera Maya among local businesses.

Vacation packages have many benefits but limit diversity in the traveler experience and interaction with local people.

What is behind the increase in transportation-included travel packages? Let’s look at some of the top reasons for the trend among tourists.

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As Claudia Herrera said, a significant reason for the increase in transportation-inclusive bookings is that it makes life easier for travelers.

Booking transportation from the comfort of your home can save the hassle of waiting in lines or searching for a taxi at the airport.

The taxi area outside the Cancun airport is riddled with intense competition between taxis that want to deliver tourists to their destinations as well as

The intense atmosphere may make some uncomfortable and lead travelers to avoid the process altogether.

In addition, since the pre-arranged transport exclusively gets tourists to resorts, travelers do not need to worry about their route or destination.

outside cancun airport taxi

Cost Transparency

One benefit of reserving transportation is clear and transparent pricing.

Since the trip is standardized, travelers will know the exact cost of their journey when they book it. In addition, they will not have to worry about conversion rates while paying for their trip.

While including transport in a travel package, metered fares, hidden charges, or fixed rates will not be a problem.

Woman walking towards a bus at cancun airport

While price gouging has been a problem in the past, the taxi industry is taking action to improve its practices and standardize its prices by installing meters to measure transportation costs.

Additionally, since the transport is usually prepaid, transactions are guaranteed to be cashless, with takes off the pressure to exchange money immediately upon arrival.


Many tourists have decided to avoid taxis altogether due to high tensions among taxi drivers in Cancun.

This year, taxi drivers have been under the spotlight for their actions, most notably attacking Uber drivers who are taking their business.

Amongst the offenses committed by taxi drivers are blockades to prevent Ubers from completing their trips, running Ubers off the road, and slashing the tires of Uber drivers.

Taxi Sitting in Cancun Hotel Zone

Why Tourists Chose Taxis

While tourists increasingly choose to book their transportation in advance, many people continue to use taxis and other means of transportation while visiting the Riviera Maya.

One benefit of using a taxi is the chance to speak with a local driver with lots of experience in the area.

Speaking to a taxi driver may result in local tips, including off-path destinations otherwise unknown.

In addition, having a taxi driver you can trust can be a real asset while traveling the Riviera Maya.

Line of typical white taxi cars parked on street in hotel resort in Playa del Carmen - taxi is popular and cheap means of transport in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Most travelers leave their hotels and resorts to experience the Mexican Caribbean’s cultural and ecological attractions and beautiful beaches. Still, transportation to select destinations can be difficult without a car.

Having a taxi driver’s phone number handy can eliminate the hassle of getting to remote sites.

While both means of transportation have costs and benefits, tourists will surely have a better experience in Cancun and the wider Mexican Caribbean due to increased options.

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