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This Is How To Get To The Cancun Maya Train Station After Arriving At The Airport 

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Now that the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, and tourists can travel almost the entire Yucatan Peninsula aboard the Maya Train, it’s time to get into the details.   

Where to get tickets, how much the tickets are going for, which cities and sites you can visit now, and which section is currently open are all important things to know.   

You’ll also want to know how to get to the Cancun Maya Train station after arriving at Cancun Airport, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty and explore this and other important details about this landmark project that will forever change travel in the Mexican Caribbean. 

Terminal 4 at Cancun International Airport

Getting To The Maya Train Station Once You Arrive In Cancun  

You won’t have to go far to get to the Cancun Maya Train station once you land in Cancun for your dream vacation because the station is on the airport property.   

Cancun Airport is a large airport though, with multiple terminals, so walking to the station isn’t a practical solution.   

The good news is that Cancun Airport is providing travelers with free shuttle transportation from the airport to the station! 


Maya Train Airport Shuttle Details 

The route that Cancun Airport has established to get you from the airport terminals to the train station only takes about 15 minutes to travel.   

Shuttles depart from the terminals every 20 minutes.   

This means once you land at Cancun Airport you’re only minutes from beginning your Maya Train adventure.   

@uhmaymahana Así se verá terminada la estación del #TrenMaya en Cancún será la más grande del proyecto ferroviario que unirá destinos #turísticos y sitios #arqueológicos del sureste de #México, permitiendo la movilización de más de 30millones de pasajeros al año. Aquí confluyen dos trazos: el 4, que conectará a Cancún con Izamal, en el estado de #Yucatán, y el 5, que va de esta ciudad a #PlayadelCarmen, en el estado de #QuintanaRoo. La estación se encontrará conectada al #AeropuertoInternacionaldeCancún, y será la más grande pues contará con 10 andenes, ofreciendo una gran conectividad a los viajeros. También se proyecta la aplicación de 12 programas #ambientales para mitigar el impacto en la zona, considerando tener el primer vivero en #Cancún y posteriormente uno en cada estación, de tal manera que se logre reubicar la flora retirada para la construcción del #tren. En cuanto a la seguridad, de acuerdo con estudios del Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (#Cenapred), los trenes que se utilizarán podrán resistir vientos de un huracán categoría 5, permitiendo trasladar a ciudadanos y visitantes a estaciones cercanas. Según las proyecciones, se prevee concluir a finales de este año. Todo esto incrementa en #MAHANÁUhMay el ROI + Exclusividad 📈 y un diseño en armonía con la #ecología, incluyendo todos los lujos y detalles que el alto diseño arquitectónico exige. Precios/Disponibilidad/m² ▶️ link 🌎🌎 📲 +52 983 113 1000 . . . #Mahaná #MahanaTulum #MahanáUhMay #RivieraMaya #México #realestatemexico #bienesraices #plusvalía ♬ sonido original – MAHANÁ UH MAY

Where To Buy Maya Train Tickets  

At this point, you must be wondering where you can get your hands on these tickets to all different Mexican Caribbean paradises…

Tickets for this exciting new way to travel through the Mexican Caribbean can currently be purchased through the ticket seller eTicket.   

They will also be able to be purchased on the Maya Train website and in person at each of the train stations once the project is fully complete.   

@nomaddeals Tickets for Mexico’s 🇲🇽 new Maya Train (Tren Maya) are now on sale. Join the weekly email list for more digital nomad news and travel hacks. #digitalnomad #travel #traveltok #traveling ♬ original sound – Nomad Deals

Ticket Types And Prices 

Ticket prices are affordable compared to other transportation options and considering the value that you get.   

There are two classes available, Tourist Class and Premier Class, and surprisingly, there is a significant price difference.   

Tourist Class is the least expensive ticket, priced at only $68 USD, and Premier Class is still very affordable, coming in at around $109 USD, a small price to pay to be able to safely and quickly see so many amazing places.  

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How To Get To The Cancun Station From The City 

If you don’t plan on going straight from the airport to the train station because you want to spend a few days in Cancun first, you’ll have no trouble getting back to the station.   

Though all the details have not been worked out yet, it was recently announced that there will be transfer stations in different areas of the city.   

The most convenient one for tourists will be at the Plaza Las Americas in downtown Cancun.   

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What To See Along The Open Maya Train Section 

The most exciting thing for travelers about the Maya Train is being able to get to so many other amazing destinations.   

Just along the part of the route that is currently open, the Cancun to Campeche route, are some of the most fascinating places to visit within the Yucatan Peninsula.   

The Magic Towns of Valladolid and Izamal, and the famous Chichen Itza archeological site are reason enough to make the journey, and there is even more along the way.   

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What To Expect In The Future 

On December 31st the next section of the train will be open, and the rest will follow in February of 2024.   

Those dates are both just around the corner and as they draw nearer, we should start to see all the little kinks of launching such a massive project start to come together.   

As that happens, travelers will be able to see the Mexican Caribbean like never before.

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Monday 25th of December 2023

It would be wonderful if the article would tell where you can travel currently for 68/109 (MXN or USD?) What is fare for INAPAM. I have many more questions, but I don't want Cancun Sun to bore us with unnecessary details.