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This Popular Cenote Near Well-Known Playa Del Carmen Beach Is Now Open To The Public 

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Cenotes are well known for being littered throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, being one of the most popular and frequently visited attractions in the country as a whole. 

While the Mexican Caribbean enters another record-breaking year for tourism, as well as grappling with the effects this is having on environmental and sustainability efforts, the Punta Esmeralda Cenote had been preventatively closed at the end of April this year.

cenote location in playa del carmen

This decision had been made by government officials led by Lili Campos Miranda in an attempt to preserve the area and keep it clean.

With expected numbers of tourists reaching 12,000 a day in the area during high season, authorities wanted to highlight the importance of preserving and caring for these natural wonders, which have already been previously closed in the past due to bad conditions caused by the high-visiting turnaround. 

In 2022, the body of water had been blocked to the Caribbean Sea by items such as diapers and feminine products, making it stagnant and unhygienic, and was closed once again to allow the area to rest. 

beach cove in Punta Esmeralda with beach swing

Thankfully after its three-month hiatus, the natural formation has already returned to perfect condition and will be reopened to the public to enjoy as part of their vacation while visiting Playa Del Carmen. 

Lili Campos Miranda stated on Twitter, “ After a well-deserved vacation, our lord from Punta Esmeralda has already returned. Thanks to the cleaning crews for their work! Today visitors can now enjoy this natural beauty of Playa Del Carmen”.

This will be seen as another win for the political figure who seems to be making sustainability and preservation one of her top priorities.

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example of iconic Blue Flag beach

Punta Esmeralda itself holds the Blue Flag distinction for being recognized not only as one of the best beaches in Mexico for the quality and cleanliness of its water but also for being an inclusive space for people with disabilities, a true sign that her environmental policies are effective in their delivery. 

Now with its most popular cenote reopened to the public, the area’s well-known reputation will only continue to grow. 

Notably, however, the area has been closed in the past for overuse, and it has been made clear by officials that if the public fail to adhere to the rules regarding the location and the quality of the water appears to be contaminated, it will be closed once more before the summer season is over. 

colourful Playa del Carmen sign on beach boardwalk

Why Should Cenote Punta Esmeralda Be On Your List This Summer

Cenotes are absolutely everywhere in the Yucatán Peninsula, ranging from bodies of water resembling open lakes to others which are completely underground.

These natural wonders are said to have once been used by the ancient Mayans for sacrificial offerings, and while there is no sign of that anymore, they have been a well-known bucket list location for tourists for years.

cenote opening in Punta Esmeralda

Cenote Punta Esmeralda is a beautiful Cenote located in the jungle area of Playa Punta Esmeralda in Playa Del Carmen. 

Though the area’s popularity is ever-growing, the public site remains completely free, with Sundays making it the busiest day of all with visits from local families and tourists alike. 

With limited signage and it being small in size, it can be quite easy to miss for the average beachgoer.

However, its glistening blue water, which is fed from an underground river system flowing out into the Caribbean Sea, is a peaceful alternative to the popularity of the beach. 

sargassum on beach in Punta Esmeralda

Another reason why the popularity of this area remains at an all-time high could be to do with the sargassum levels affecting the surrounding beaches and coastlines. 

Also known as floating brown algae, this natural phenomenon has been washing up on many of the golden sandy beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, causing some disappointment among travelers looking for the perfect paradise they were promised. 

While levels vary throughout the year, even in Playa Del Carmen, these natural ponds like the Cenote Punta Esmeralda offer a glorious alternative to tourists whose seaweed-covered beach plans have been thwarted.

Just be sure to look after it!

punta esmeralda beach clear from sargassum

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