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Tourist Disrespects Famous Archaeological Site Of Chichen Itza By Climbing Pyramid Steps

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Yet another tourist has disrespected the famous archaeological site of Chichen Itza by climbing up the steps of the historic pyramid. 

The climbing of the steps has long since been banned by the authorities for reasons such as respect, safety and the preservation of the much-loved ruins.

@elporvenirmx Oootro turista que no entiende 😡 Un joven subió a lo alto de la pirámide de Chichén Itzá, provocando el odio del resto de personas y cientos de usuarios en redes, luego de ser exhibido en línea. #chichénitzá ♬ sonido original – ElPorvenirMx

However, that hasn’t stopped several tourists from making the mistake of scaling them in recent months, much to the anger of both the local community and history lovers around the world. 

The shocking incident, which occurred just a few days ago on April 17th, is the third such offense in just six months, despite several signs on display at the historic site warning travelers against climbing the temple’s walls – leading those in charge to consider alternative ways of preventing people from making the same mistake. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this ignorant act, such as who the culprit was, how he was received by those present at the pyramid, and what fines he is likely to receive as a result of his egregious offenses. 

Chichen itza pyramid with people in front of it

Tourist Scales Ancient Steps – What Travelers Should Know

As anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit the site will agree, Chichen Itza is a phenomenal attraction that is all too deserving of its place as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

Featuring intricate carvings and a wide range of interesting easter eggs, such as claps returning a local bird’s call and the number of steps equating to the number of days in a year — wonders abound at every turn in the pyramid complex, captivating and engaging visitors in equal measure. 

However, for some travelers, simply appreciating the beauty isn’t enough, leading them to break the rules.

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traveler chichen itza clap

On Monday, a 34-year-old man known as Javier decided he wanted a closer look at the temple and climbed to the top of its sacred stairs — a huge mistake that has been forbidden at the archaeological site since 2008. 

Thought to have hailed from neighboring Merida, the man should have known better than to break the rules, step over the fence and climb to the top of the pyramid, after which he proceeded to enter the temple at the top. 

Fortunately for the man, he was only greeted with swear words and verbal assaults as he made his way back down the steps to the ground. Other offenders in recent months have not been so lucky. 

chichen itza

Previously, those who made the ill-judged error of climbing the temple have been subjected to physical abuse, including being pelted by water bottles, slapped, and even hit with sticks, as was the case for one traveler from Poland in January of this year. 

As Javier made his way down the steps to jeers from the onlooking crowd, he was greeted by security guards who had been waiting for him and was led away. Another woman, who was waiting for him by the fence, attempted to protect him from the guards. 

As he is led away, the man is understandably subjected to jeers from the baying crowd while liquids are thrown in his direction, highlighting the anger caused by his climb.

chichen itza

While it is unlikely that he will be imprisoned for his disrespectful climb, it could end up being a mistake that proves rather costly. 

Tourists who ascend the stairs at Chichen Itza can expect to face steep fines for their actions. These fines can range from anywhere from 5,000 pesos to 50,000 pesos, which is around $280-$2800 USD.

chichen itza site

According to reports, authorities are now considering alternative ways to prevent travelers from climbing the temple complex. 

At present, there is a small fence that provides unobstructed views of the temple, allowing visitors to enjoy it from all angles and feel closer to the temple. If the actions of a small minority of tourists result in larger, obstructive fences as a counter-measure to climbers, it would be a shame – but they’d only have themselves to blame. 

traveelrs at chichen itza temple

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Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Screw them. They have no ighokep anybody from seeing places like this. These places belong to the world. They should ve there to ensure people arent peeing or carving on them thats it. Doesnt matter archeologists are nothing but glorified grave robbers anyways. Its sad to see how humans these days are erasing history. How would any of you like it if someone dug up a relatives grave and put their body on display? The brits wouldnt anyobe exume a king or queen and throw their stuff in a museum, so why is it acceptable to do it with Egyptian, Mayan, or Japenese things? W cant dig up the founding fathers for America. Its all a sick a$$ game in tge name ofa narative only a few set as fact. Just like how Egypt regulates the studies and stories of their history. Sad s$#@!!


Thursday 20th of April 2023

Total bs that it's off limits to everyone. They must be hiding something other than sneers. The fact that you sheep just listen to everything they tell you and except it is appalling. What happened to human ingenuity or wisdom? There's allot more to civilization than they tell us and of course the media would immediately hush this up and brand the guy who is curious a treasonous terrorist. Omg grow a pair already. Society has become sheep who'll believe anything. Become more knowledgeable not more ignorant.


Monday 24th of April 2023

@Patrick, the primary reason for closure is erosion. And idiots who can’t control their bowels, relieving themselves at the top.

Carol A G

Saturday 22nd of April 2023

@Patrick, OMG! THE constant wear & tear from thousands of tourists has taken its toll. I've been to Rome, Greece, Malta,Crete, etc.. other countries forbid you to climb on their pyramids & ancient buildings! All over the world- ditto! At one time - this was the only pyramids you can climb... yes - its an amazing thing to do - but the disrespect, graffiti, damage, misuse & breakage of this temple were other great reasons to close climbing its magnificent steps! Plus they are currently finding older temples built beneath this pyramid... RESPECT THE RULES! They are there for two many great reasons!

Jason Wonderous

Thursday 20th of April 2023

U can climb all the pyramids in Mexico except that one. I went there and was so disappointed I couldn't. And I asked why It was stopped because people were carving there names but mostly, people would climb it and would pee and poop in the small throne room so much that's why they closed it So bonkers.