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Tourists Warned Of Excessively High Shuttle Prices At Tulum Airport 

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Tourists are ecstatic that they no longer have to take a two-hour car journey from Cancun Airport to reach the trendy destination of Tulum. 

That is because it now has its own airport, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, which was recently inaugurated at the beginning of the month. 

views of the beach at Tulum ruins

Taxi Price Warning

Tourists are not ecstatic, however, about the excessively high transportation costs once they land at the airport, which actually went viral on the internet this week.

With prices ranging between 1,496 pesos to get to the center of Tulum (where most boutique hotels and resorts are situated), and as high as 11,842 pesos if you want to go further to reach somewhere like Chetumal, it is certainly not cheap. 

These prices are from the company Shuttle Express, which publicly announced its tariff at the beginning of last week, and was met with uproar from tourists who felt confused about their high pricing. 

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Let’s take a closer look…

From Tulum Airport to the Akumal area is 1,875 pesos. (about $108)

From Tulum Airport to Puerto Aventuras is 2,420 pesos. (about $140)

From Tulum Airport to Playa del Carmen is 4,448 pesos. (about $260)

From Tulum Airport to Puerto Morelos is 5,808 pesos. (about $340)

From Tulum Airport to Cancun is 8,228 pesos. (about $475)

Now, of course, if you want to reach somewhere like Cancun, then flying into Tulum International might not be the smartest idea, as it has its own very popular airport instead. 

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However, Tulum Airport has been created as a brilliant alternative for tourists who may wish to begin their vacation somewhere a little different from the go-to option of Cancun, while still wanting the chance to visit and experience all that there is to offer in the Yucatan Peninsula.

With shuttle bus and taxi prices as high as they are above, many could be deterred. 

The prices for these shuttle buses work by the capacity of seats for each vehicle, meaning if 5 or 6 people take a 12-seater van, tourists will be expected to pay the full quota regardless. 

shuttle buses waiting at airport car park

Customers will either be made to fork out the cash or they will have to wait around for other people looking to go to the same location until it is full (not something you want to be doing after a flight). 

This is just one company’s price list, however, and several companies, such as ADO, offer slightly cheaper rates.

Most tourists feel as though they are still being taken advantage of, seeing as they are the first to experience Tulum International Airport in all its glory, with transportation companies abusing the fact that there is no other way for people to travel to their accommodation…yet.

New Maya Train Stop 

The new Maya Train has just begun operations this month, with the final section of the project connecting Cancun and Tulum due to be open by February 29th next year. 

Part of the Maya Train Route That Goes Through the Yucatan Peninsula

A hugely exciting time for the Yucatan Peninsula, which awaits to be discovered like never before, the final section of the Maya Train is sure to become an extremely popular route with tourists. 

Tulum International Airport will be fully integrated into the route and will have its own Mayan Train station on site, bringing more transportation options for visitors to get to the center of Tulum and beyond. 

Brought about to give both tourists and locals alike an affordable way to journey through the incredible region, Maya Train prices are already considerably cheaper than the Shuttle Bus prices mentioned above. 

Furthermore, by the time international flights begin at Tulum Airport, the Maya Train stop should be well-established and fully operational for its guests.

view of the beach below Tulum ruins with Mexican sombreo hat in the middle

With speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour, tourists will be able to get to their desired destinations faster than ever, and for a fraction of the price; that sounds like a sweet deal.

Another plus side to this billion-dollar infrastructure project is that it gives tourists the freedom to pick a destination as their base, and then allows them to travel far beyond that place, either for a day or even longer. 

Lack of transportation services has long plagued the Mexican Caribbean, but with the new Maya Train on its way, that is all about to change!

happy couple on a beach in the mexican caribbean

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Tuesday 19th of December 2023

It appears the Mayan Tren is going about 100kms/hour, not 100mph?


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

The Entire Yucatan Peninsula is a Grift and a Scam. The Corruption is everywhere you go. Tulum is way overated and the Transportation Prices are comparable to NYC. Hotel prices are absolutely insane.Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are disgraceful once your three streets from the Hotel Zones. The sidewalks are crumbling and trash is everywhere. Cancun Police target Rental Cars and you'll pay $500 Pesos to be on your way.The Maya Train is a Government Sinkhole and the Politicians will bleed it dry. Corruption will ultimately kill this Tourist area and people will find another destination.Its very rare to hear positive comments about this area of Mexico. I've lived here Two years and have plenty of experiences not to recommend this area. Mexico equals Corruption. Very Sad


Tuesday 19th of December 2023

Now the Cancun thievery has moved to Tulum. So glad I visited Tulum many,many years ago when it was inexpensive, astonishing in natural beauty and very safe. I'd like to remember it that way..And never return.


Monday 18th of December 2023

Well, we always want the Mexican society to benefit from these huge investment infrastructure programs but the government clowns just keep shooting themselves in the foot and stealing the money, and making poor decisions. There is no excuse for these rates to be set at these outrageous levels.

1) Why is the airport situated $140 cab ride away to Tulum, its closest destination.

2) Why is there no public transportation to and from Tulum at a $5 to $10 cost

3) 15 years later and Tulum is still so screwed up as a town and overrated as a destination vacation place it’s unbelievable. They can’t even get streets that are finished and working properly and free of complete gridlock like it is every single day.

The degree and the graft and cheating by developers, as well as the governing authorities is blatant and outrageous.

And let’s talk about Tran Maya which I’m a huge fan of except these clowns haven’t even released a booking site which should’ve been their guide to figure out what the demand would be so they can staff and schedule the appropriate resources at the appropriate days and times they are needed.

But there’s no accountability with the Mexican government, and they just lie and cheat and steal their way to personal wealth and stiff the citizens and it’s visitors that want them to win, but can’t beat the power brokers and the bullshitters. It’s shameful.

Obrador is no saint……


Monday 8th of January 2024

@NomadAsh, And the MX army is now the prime manager of the Tren Maya. As you mentioned, the army can't even conquer a train schedule and produce a viable and coherent means to purchase tickets.