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Travelers Are Seeking “Do Nothing” Vacations, Here’s Why Cancun Is Perfect For That

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It’s official – the season of “revenge travel” is well and truly over, and the dawn of “do nothing” vacations is once again upon us, with Cancun being the perfect place to enjoy one. Where during the last couple of years, travelers were keen to visit all the places, do all the things and enjoy all of the experiences in order to make up for a lack of traveling opportunities caused by the pandemic, now the reality is different — or so the leading online travel shopping company Expedia has recently claimed.

Travelers Are Seeking Do Nothing Vacations, Here's Why Cancun Is Perfect For That

According to recent surveys issued by Expedia, American travelers are feeling burned out by the hectic holiday schedule, leading a whopping 96% of travelers to admit they simply want to spend a part of their vacation doing absolutely nothing, with a significant percentage also stating that warm weather and relaxation were the main attractions right now. Fortunately for travelers, such a place exists just across the border where all this is possible – and that place is Cancun. Here’s why it’s the perfect place to give travelers exactly what they’re looking for. 

travelers cocktail beack cancun

Warm Weather

Considered to be a year-round destination, travelers to Cancun are all but guaranteed a vacation with pleasant weather, shining sun, and the types of blue skies that whisper tranquility. It’s the perfect place to embrace your inner solar panel and recharge under a warm but not overbearing sun, listening to the waves lapping at the shore and the faint sound of tropical music in the background. Of course, it rains too, but it just so happens Cancun has the perfect places to dodge the deluge from.

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Busy Cancun Beach with people laying on the sand and resorts in the background with a view of aqua blue waters.

Quality All-Inclusive Cancun Resorts

While the thought of deciding on one of Cancun’s dozens of top-quality all-inclusive resorts to enjoy a “do-nothing” vacation may sound too much to take, the good news is you’re bound to have a good time wherever you end up. With a plethora of international household names to choose from, travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect place to lounge in a bathrobe, enjoy a spot of room service or take in views of the ocean. When you’re finally ready to leave your room, you’re pretty much guaranteed a beach around the corner or several bars and restaurants on-site to refuel and re-energize. 

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Indulgent Spas

Another added benefit of staying in a top all-inclusive resort is the on-site spa. The only thing better than doing absolutely nothing is to do nothing while enjoying a massage, mud bath, or any of the dozens of spa treatments that can be found in Cancun. We know it can be hard to leave the beach or your comfy bed, but after a few hours of getting pampered and preened in a world-class spa, you’ll be confident that you made the right decision.

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Perfect Cancun Beaches

Cancun has some of the best beaches in the world. That’s not just an opinion but a fact, with the city recently seeing 7 of its beaches awarded Blue Flag status. Pristinely maintained and with stunning views, Cancun’s beaches are the perfect place to lay a towel down and do nothing but work on your tan all day. With watersports and beach bars on hand should you feel the need to do something, Cancun’s beaches are ideal for those who want to do as little – or as much – as possible on their vacation, with the added bonus of being smoke-free

traveler on palm tree cancun

Low-Stress Activities

While it’s hard to imagine right now, there may come a time on your “do nothing” vacation when you get the urge to do something. Well, Cancun has you covered. With a string of restaurants, bars, and malls within walking distance from the city’s hotel zone, travelers don’t have to put in much effort when it comes to keeping themselves entertained. Throw in a wide range of low-stress tours and trips, such as seeing the region’s stunning Mayan temples, and Cancun once again is a top destination to take it easy whilst still creating memories.

ruins at chetumal

Easy To Plan

One of the major benefits of visiting Cancun for a do-nothing vacation is that it’s so easy to do so. With flights available from most major airports and airlines, travelers don’t have to spend hours searching for transport – meaning they can embrace the “do nothing” lifestyle before they even get on the plane. Additionally, with hotel occupancy rates lower next month than they’ve been in a while, travelers won’t have to stress too much when it comes to finding a place to stay — though it’s always better to book early to avoid disappointment. 

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